Ashley Owen

Ashley joined the Oldways team in 2015. As the Public Relations and Media Manager, she brings national and global recognition to Oldways’ work and helps to spread our educational messages.

Ashley graduated from Syracuse University in 2010 with a dual major in magazine journalism and geography. Fresh out of school, she interned with the National Geographic Society in Washington, D.C., and since then has worked for numerous publications and organizations as a reporter, writer, editor, and communications manager. Most recently Ashley was the associate editor of culture and food for Moonshine Ink, a monthly newspaper in Truckee, Calif. She was also co-producer and PR manager for Elevate Tahoe, a solutions-based documentary organization. Ashley was instrumental in every stage of creation and promotion of the film, Food Innovations @ 6,000 Feet, which was accepted into last year’s Wild & Scenic Film Festival.

Ashley has been passionate about food for most of her life. For years she enjoyed experimenting in the kitchen, but it wasn’t until she started farming that her appreciation for good food deepened. Her experiences volunteering on organic farms in Colorado, Oregon, and Cape Cod were transformative and highly educational. From there her passion has only grown into learning about nutritional benefits of eating whole foods (sometimes with the dirt still on them), exploring different culinary techniques, and studying issues surrounding food access and affordability. And while Ashley can usually be found bustling away in the kitchen in her free time, you’ll rarely see her following a recipe. Stick around until serving time, though, and you’ll likely be glad that she didn’t.

Contact Ashley Owen at 617-896-4888