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African Whole Grains Take the Spotlight

May 6, 2015

Hearty whole grains are the foundation for many of the world’s healthiest diets, including the ever-popular Mediterranean diet. But with culinary curiosity on the rise, and a growing interest in traditional, plant-based diets, educators, chefs, and diners are turning to a new continent for grain inspiration: Africa.

Whole Grains Earning a New Reputation

April 28, 2015

Sex sells. It’s an all-too-common advertising concept in today’s culture. If it can sell gym memberships and fitness programs, is it too far fetched to think that it could help sell whole grains?

Walking a Mile in Millers’ & Bakers’ Shoes

April 22, 2015

What if you went clothes shopping, and there were no standard sizes? You might have to paw through racks and run in and out of the dressing room for hours, to find a shirt that fit. Then, after a few days of wearing your new shirt you’d throw it in the wash – but there’d be no standard label identifying whether it’s wool, cotton, silk or synthetic, so you’d likely ruin your new purchase. We take industry and regulatory standards for granted – until we realize what havoc can result when they’re not there.

Expert Shares Tips for Baking with Whole Grains

April 15, 2015

Here at the Whole Grains Council, we field many questions from home bakers looking to use whole grain flour in their recipes. Because I nearly always refer consumers to this informative online baker’s guide from King Arthur Flour, written by P.J. Hamel, I decided it was high time to reach out to the expert herself. Hamel has been with King Arthur for 25 years, and has authored (or co-authored) three King Arthur cookbooks, including the King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking Cookbook. This week I caught up with her to learn the best tips and tricks for baking with whole grains.

Whole Grains for the Whole World on Whole Grain Sampling Day

April 8, 2015

The fourth annual Whole Grain Sampling Day was a success! 

We want to thank everyone who took the opportunity to help spread the word about nutritious and delicious whole grains. We had an extensive list of partners participating this year, including a few select locations right here in Boston, where the Whole Grains Council staff was able to get in on the action. 

Wheat Belly… Grain Brain… April Fool's!

April 1, 2015

April Fool's Day is the perfect time to reflect on the fact that not everything you read on the web or in print is true. Think about some of the great April Fool's pranks of all time, for instance, such as

  • April 1, 1996 – Taco Bell reports buying the Liberty Bell and renaming it the Taco Liberty Bell.

  • April 1, 1992 – National Public Radio announces Richard Nixon is running for president again. (Impersonator Rich Little was very convincing.)

  • April 1, 1957 – BBC news reports a bumper spaghetti harvest in Switzerland, due to the eradication of the dreaded spaghetti weavil (see photo at left).

Shopping for Whole Grains

March 25, 2015

Approximately 20,000 new food products are introduced in the US each year, each vying for a prized place in grocery carts across the country. While shoppers may have widely different tastes, lifestyles, and eating patterns, there is one component of food that more and more Americans tend to agree on: whole grains. 

The War on Wheat -- Try Real Food First

March 18, 2015

Last week I watched an episode of the Canadian Broadcasting Company's investigatory program The Fifth Estate, called The War on Wheat. In this excellent program, journalist Mark Kelley interviews William Davis, author of Wheat Belly, and talks to a range of other experts about the claims Davis makes in his book – that wheat makes you fat, that today’s wheat is genetically modified Frankenwheat, that wheat causes “70-80% of all known diseases,” and so on. (See our Myths Busted page.)

Let us feast!

March 11, 2015

I love holidays! Where there is a holiday, there is an excuse for food. It doesn’t matter what the occasion, there is always something to cook up to celebrate. Historically, food has been an important part of celebrations all over the world.

Part of the fun of cooking and baking is being able to explore different cultures and regions through the food you make - which is a large part of the mission of our parent organization Oldways. Which brings us to our next holiday on the calendar – St. Patrick’s Day!

Whole Grains, Whole Planet: Sustainable Food in the Face of Climate Change

March 4, 2015

Once considered a fringe topic, sustainable diets are now at the center of food and nutrition debates, even gaining considerable attention from the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee. In their recently released report, the committee writes, “meeting current and future food needs will depend on two concurrent approaches: altering individual and population dietary choices and patterns and developing agricultural and production practices that reduce environmental impacts and conserve resources, while still meeting food and nutrition needs.”

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