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2016 Whole Grain Predictions

January 6, 2016

We love reading all the food trend articles that proliferate as the old year turns into the new, so we’re using this week’s blog to highlight what various sources are saying about whole grain trends for 2016.

Local Grains. A report from SPINS caught our attention right out of the gate.  They’re highlighting the role of whole grains in sustainable, local, farm-to-table cooking – and the importance of paying attention to overall food systems. SPINS says we should look for crops like millet, rye, and barley – traditionally used as cover crops then sold cheaply as animal feed – to show up on restaurant menus more often. 

Porridge Passion: A Comfort Food Classic Revisited

December 30, 2015

To some, porridge may conjure up scrappy, Charles Dickens era connotations. However, many of today’s most beloved comfort foods—from grits, to risotto, to rice pudding—are deliciously unfussy takes on the humble grain bowl. For those partial to creamy bowls of porridge, oatmeal is often the grain of choice. While we cherish the classics, we can’t help but get excited by the expanding variety of ancient grains that open up a new world of porridge possibilities. 


Farmers and Bakers Seek the Flavor of Heirloom Grains

December 16, 2015

Recently, there has been a revival of tradition in the grain world. More and more, we are seeing farmers, millers, and bakers going back to the basics of what constitutes good grain, and in turn, what makes good grain products.

Give the Gift of Whole Grains

December 9, 2015

As you do your holiday shopping, are you pondering what to get for Aunt Claire, or what to give your mail carrier? Not sure what’s the best gift for your aging parents, or your best friend? We have a whole grain gift idea for all of them — and more.

We love cookies as much as anyone, but there's already plenty of that to go around this time of year. Your job, as a whole grains ambassador, is to share some of your favorite whole grain foods that go beyond simply sugar and spice – not just bake a batch of cookies.

Hottest Whole Grains of 2016

December 2, 2015

The results from the National Restaurant Association’s 2016 Culinary Forecast are in, and 2016 is poised to be another hot year for ancient grains (the #15 trend). But in an exciting sign for grain variety, it seems that quinoa is finally sharing the spotlight. View the full survey results here.

In this national survey of over 1,500 chefs, nutrition (#27) remains a trendy concern, along with natural ingredients / minimally processed foods (#5), healthful kids’ meals (#7), and more specifically, whole grain items in kids’ meals (#25).

Thanksgiving Grains for Every Course

November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving is a beautiful annual reminder of all of the things we have to be thankful for throughout the rest of the year. It’s a time when we bring friends and family together around the table and show our appreciation through a delicious meal made with love. Thanksgiving brings all of my favorite things together in one holiday, including whole grains.

Looking at a typical Thanksgiving spread, you may not see many whole grains gracing your table. However, there are so many creative ways to incorporate whole grain ingredients into traditional Thanksgiving dishes.

Fight Childhood Obesity with Whole Grains

November 18, 2015

What foods are linked with childhood obesity? 

British researchers studied three-day food records of more than 4,600 kids in the UK at ages 7, 10, and 13, and analyzed which foods were most associated with excess weight gain.  Most of their conclusions came as no big surprise: some of the foods most likely to be linked to weight gain were butter or margarine; breaded or battered poultry; potatoes cooked in oil (French fries, roasted potatoes, potato chips); breaded or battered fish; processed meats; other meats; desserts and sweets; milk; and sugar-sweetened beverages. Chicken nuggets and fries, anyone?

The only foods consistently linked with weight loss were whole grains and high-fiber cereals, suggesting that whole grains may be particularly important for youngsters struggling with their weight.

Whole Grains are the Secret Ingredient in these “Creamy” Soups

November 11, 2015

Cool, autumn air and rapidly dwindling daylight hours are often a gateway to hearty meals and holiday indulgences. Creamy soups are a comfort food favorite this time of year, so when we came across an article in Cooking Light about a healthy, whole grain substitute for heavy cream, we knew we had to get on board.

What IS the next quinoa?

November 4, 2015

We talk to a lot of journalists, and one of the questions they ask us most is, “What’s the next quinoa?” It’s hard to predict follow-ons for trends that are inexplicable in the first place – can you predict who will be the next Donald Trump, or the next Khloe Kardashian, after all? – but that doesn’t stop us from putting in our two cents. Lately when we get the “next quinoa” question, we answer “teff.”

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