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Happy Whole Grain Thanksgiving!

November 19, 2013

 As Thanksgiving looms on the very near horizon – gasp, only nine more days until that much awaited annual food coma! – I am thinking about my family’s Thanksgiving menu. 

Let me preface with this: we take Thanksgiving VERY seriously in my family; it is the one holiday where the entire family comes together to cook, eat, drink and generally be merry (and very, very full of food). We have a rag-tag group of family friends who have been joining in the festivities for longer than I’ve been around and then the usual group of stragglers: college roommates, European Thanksgiving newbies, and anyone else we can coerce into joining our motley crew. To say our table is full is an understatement.

Prep School: Get your Grains Ready!

November 13, 2013

Wondering when to rinse, soak or toast?  While it’s true that none of these prep methods are required in making your favorite whole grain dishes, they are all simple and easy ways to either cut down on cooking time or enhance the delicious natural flavors of whole grains.  If you’ve ever wondered about cleaning grains, we’ve got a few tips on that too.  

Danes Celebrate Whole Grain Day

November 7, 2013

One of the best parts about working with the Whole Grains Council has always been the lively exchanges we have with colleagues in other countries, who share our passion for promoting whole grains. This week we received an update from Rikke Iben Nees, leader of the Danish Wholegrain Campaign. 

Just wanted to share with you that we -- inspired by your National Whole Grain Sampling Day -- celebrated National Whole Grain Day for the second time on October 24th in Denmark.

This year's theme was: ”Whole Grain to/for the People”(Fuldkorn Til Folket, in Danish). And this year's event was quite bigger than last year. Again we wanted to give consumers a taste for whole grains and a joyful experience learning more about whole grains and their benefits.

Volunteers Sampling in Sonderborg

Freekeh-n Fabulous!

October 30, 2013

While many of you know me as the self proclaimed Queen of Quinoa, I have been known to stray and dabble in other grains. Shocking, I know! My latest dalliance comes in the manner of Freekeh, a form of wheat that gets harvested and then roasted when it’s still relatively young and green. Dating all the way back to 2300 BCE, freekeh was “discovered” in the ancient Eastern Mediterranean, and is now primarily produced in Australia.  

Pop-quiz: How Healthy is your Snack?

October 23, 2013

Here at the Whole Grains Council, we want our grains to feel special so we give each one their own month.  In case you missed our newsletter, I’ll squash the suspense and tell you – October’s grain of the month is…corn!  

Sweet and delicious, this seasonal favorite can be enjoyed a variety of ways, but I’ll take this opportunity to talk about its most popular form. (No, I'm not talking about candy corn - although I know how many of you wait each year to see that sweet treat grace your grocery shelves.)  I'm talking, of course, about popcorn, a tasty treat that has been masquerading as a simple snack food for many years...but it's much more!  Popcorn is a snack superstar, a heart hero, and a diet defender!

Wheat - Don't Shoot the Messenger

October 16, 2013

Twenty percent of the world’s calories come from wheat, according to the United Nations – a larger share than any other single food. Ever since our distant ancestors discovered that this grain could be mixed with water, left to ferment, then baked to airy, crusty perfection on hot rocks, wheat has been a cherished staple of diets around the world.

And yet a few popular diet books like Wheat Belly and Grain Brain now advise us to “Just Say No” to wheat, cutting it completely from our lives. In today’s blog, we’ll take a closer look at some of the fictions in these fad books and some interesting facts about modern wheat.

Snack in a Backpack Wins Good Grains!

October 9, 2013

One month and four hundred and ninety six entries later, we are so excited to announce the winner of our “Good Grains for a Good Cause” project: Snack in a Backpack, from Fannin County, Georgia! 

Snack in a Backpack was randomly selected from a list of ninety-nine nominated food related charities, spanning thirty-nine states. This deserving organization will be receiving over 40 cases of whole grain product, donated from twenty-nine Whole Grains Council member companies - that’s a whole lot of whole grain snacks for those kids’ backpacks!  

Whole Grain Heroes in the Navajo Nation

October 2, 2013

When Navajo County Public Health Services requested boxes of materials from the Whole Grains Council for the second year in a row, we knew they must be up to something good.  It turns out we were right!  

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Cherilyn Yazzie – the Program Manager for Arizona’s Navajo County Nutrition Services – about their education efforts and learned more about the amazing lessons being taught in their county.

GrainUP! Whole Grain Celebration in the Twin Cities

September 26, 2013

It’s the final week of Whole Grains Month, and we’re so pleased that organizations across the country have been celebrating with us – we’ve seen TV spots, supermarket promotions, Twitter parties and lots of newspaper and magazine articles focusing on whole grains this month. And that’s not even counting our own “Good Grains for a Good Cause” project; there are still a few days left to nominate your favorite charity here.

Whole Grain Consumption up 23%

September 18, 2013

The good news is: U.S. whole grain consumption rose 23.4% from 2008 to 2010. The bad news is: we’re nowhere near to making at least half our grains whole. 

According to new data released this month by USDA, overall whole grain consumption in 2007-08 averaged 0.64 daily servings per person; in 2009-10 it had risen to 0.79 servings.  At the same time, refined grain consumption held fairly steady -- so we'd be just fine if only the slogan were "Make 12% of your grains whole." Oops.

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