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Aussies Told to Increase Whole Grains 160%

February 19, 2013

Remember that scene in Steve Martin's film "The Jerk" when he gets so excited by the arrival of the new phone book? We felt the same way today at the WGC when we learned that the Australians had released their first new dietary guidelines in 10 years -- with a strong recommendation for eating more whole grains.

In fact, Australia's National Health and Medical Research Council says that Australian adults need to increase whole grain consumption by 160% and decrease refined grain consumption by 30% in order to meet recommended intakes. Kids "Down Under" are apparently doing better than the adults; they only need 20-60% more whole grain (depending on age group) and 10-30% less refined grain.

Whole Grain Crusaders!

February 15, 2013

Here at the Whole Grains Council, we are always so excited to hear that more and more people are incorporating whole grains into their diets. When we hear about young people taking the whole grain cause into their own hands and encouraging their peers to eat whole grains… well, we’re just over the moon! 

USDA Cafeterias Make Whole Grain the Default

February 6, 2013

Kudos to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) for making whole grains the new norm in employee cafeterias at USDA headquarters (Whitten and South buildings). It's refreshing when a government organization – or anyone, for that matter – practices what they preach.

New Snacks Pack a Whole Grain Punch

January 28, 2013

Popcorn is slated to be the Top Snack of 2013 (according to a recent article in Time magazine), but it’s not alone: healthy whole grain snacks are taking the supermarkets by storm. With over half of Americans (53%) snacking two or three times a day, picking healthier snacks is an important goal. Is snacking always a terrible thing? Not if you pick the right snacks. In fact, a new study from France shows that people who divided their normal breakfast into four “mini meals” or snacks throughout the morning ate less at lunch. So bring on the whole grain snacks – as long as they’re healthy in salts, sugars and fats, too.

The WGC Welcomes Visitors!

January 16, 2013

Last week, the Whole Grains team had a wonderful visit from one of our founding members: Barbara’s Bakery, now part of Weetabix. We always jump at the chance to get a little face time with our members and hear what they have to say about the Stamp, business, whole grains and life in general!

Although we have over three hundred fifty Whole Grains Council members, we can count on our fingers the number who have actually made a pilgrimage to the Mother Ship here in Boston. We love getting to know our members and hearing their whole grain success stories.

WGC Rebuts Harvard Study; Stands Behind WG Stamp

January 11, 2013

This week, researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health released a study that claimed that products using the Whole Grain Stamp contain more sugar and more calories than products without the Stamp. The study suggested using a different criterion for labeling whole grain products – a ratio of 10:1 or better of carbohydrate to fiber. We'd like to use today's blog to discuss the flaws we see in this study and in this proposed alternative labeling idea.

Oldways, the parent organization of the Whole Grains Council, has partnered with the Harvard School of Public Health on many projects, including Oldways’ well-respected Mediterranean Diet Pyramid. We have great respect for the scientists there; we know that they share our goal of working for better understanding of whole grains and clearer labeling of them, which leads to better consumer health.

Diabetes Prevention with Whole Grains

January 2, 2013

A year ago, I shared with you my father’s diagnosis of type 2 diabetes in a blog post.  I told you how genetic predisposition was the culprit, passed down from one generation to the next, along with boxes of old photographs and quilts.  Surprising to think that a man who is careful about what he eats and gets plenty of exercise might still have to take medication to regulate his blood glucose levels. 

Oatmeal Goes Beyond Breakfast

December 6, 2012

Now, most of you know me as the Whole Grains Council resident quinoa eater/fanatic but allow me to let you in on a little secret: when I’m not munching on quinoa chocolate, quinoa cookies, quinoa chicken fingers … (you get the picture), I’m eating oatmeal. A big steaming bowl of oatmeal. Sometimes with a handful of blueberries, sometimes with a little banana or a scoop of peanut butter. My day doesn’t start until I’ve got that rib-sticking, warm, chewy, hearty bowl of happiness in my belly. But that’s where it ends: at the breakfast table…until now that is!

Canada and Mexico Promote Whole Grains

November 28, 2012

The Whole Grain Stamp is now being used in 36 countries, with the United States, Canada and Mexico as the top three users of this popular international symbol.

Two new advances this week, from our North American neighbors to the north and south, will contribute greatly to keeping the momentum going for more healthy whole grains.

Kudos to Canada and Mexico! Both countries have shown their dedication to the whole grain cause by finding new ways to educate their citizens about the importance of whole grains.

Canada: The Healthy Grains Institute

Canadians have launched a new venture called the Healthy Grains Institute (or, in French, l’Institut des Céréales Saines), to promote whole grains. As they told us by email, 

Show-Stopping Whole Grain Stuffing and more!

November 15, 2012

What’s Thanksgiving without stuffing?   Why, it’s not a holiday at all.  That’s what my kids would say.  They don’t care about the turkey – they want stuffing!  It doesn’t even have to be the same recipe; I’ve tried a few and found it doesn’t matter whether it’s cornbread or whole wheat bread, with sausage or without.  They’ll eat it all! 

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