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April Grain of the Month Series: Sprouted Grains

April 13, 2016

April’s Grain of the Month is not technically one grain, but a category of grains – sprouted grains – which are popping up on the scene more and more often. Sprouted grains are simply whole grain kernels that have begun to germinate, producing a tiny plant shoot. It’s this tiny change in the seed that produces large nutritional changes.

Highlights from Our 5th Annual Whole Grain Sampling Day

April 6, 2016

Every big bash needs a stellar closing act, and National Nutrition Month (celebrated each March) is no exception. To wrap up the food-themed festivities, we hosted the Fifth Annual Whole Grain Sampling Day on Wednesday, March 30, 2016, to get people everywhere excited to try more whole grains. 

Pick up the quinoa. Put down the guilt?

March 30, 2016

When we eat quinoa, are we taking it out of the mouths of Bolivian and Peruvian peasants? That's the controversy that's been raging for several years, discussed in articles with headlines like "How many Bolivians are dying because foodies love quinoa?"... "The dark truth about quinoa"... and "Quinoa's global success creates quandary in Bolivia." As we close out Quinoa Month here at the WGC, a new study suggests we can eat quinoa with a clear conscience.

10 Ways to Celebrate Whole Grain Sampling Day Next Week

March 23, 2016

Next Wednesday (March 30, 2016) is Whole Grain Sampling Day, a day for everyone, everywhere, to try more whole grains! If you’re looking for a way to celebrate, try out one (or more) of the activities below:

March Grain of the Month Series: Quinoa

March 16, 2016

March is all about an ancient grain that’s become a regular household name. Quinoa (KEEN-wah) is a unique product that boasts some serious diet benefits. Though, by definition, quinoa is not technically a cereal grain, but a “pseudo-cereal”, we include it in our grain collection because it is cooked and eaten like other grains and a has a similar nutrient profile. 

Whole Grain Pasta Pairing Tips

March 9, 2016

Certain shoes go best with certain outfits. Different wines pair best with certain dishes. And certain sauces go best with the nuttier, fuller taste of whole grain pasta. But which ones? We asked several companies specializing in whole grain pasta to give us their best advice on “pasta pairing” so we could pass their tips on to you.

Whole Wheat Cheddar Scones with Zucchini and Herbs

March 2, 2016

A crumbly, warm scone fresh from the oven is one of life’s simple pleasures. And if it’s radiating with the classic, comforting aroma of nutty whole grain flour, all the better. Sweet scones are a breakfast staple in cafes across the country, but today we’re sharing something on the savory side. These decadent whole wheat cheddar scones (inspired by a recipe in Leanne Brown’s Good and Cheap cookbook) are a tasty, portable breakfast, but are also the perfect accompaniment to a steaming bowl of chili.

Worldwide Whole Grains

February 24, 2016

The Whole Grain Stamp reached an exciting milestone this week. The Stamp is now approved for use on products sold in over 50 countries around the world!

Fifty-four countries to be exact. While the majority of products using the Stamp are here in the United States, about 21% of all Stamped products can now be found outside of the U.S. market. This is a promising trend, suggesting that demand for whole grains is increasing worldwide, and consumers around the globe are becoming more aware of the benefits of adding whole grains to their diets.

The "Liveliness" of Freshly Milled Flour

February 17, 2016

You like to grind your own coffee beans. You prefer fresh-squeezed orange juice, when you can get it. So why don’t you mill your own whole grain flour?

That’s the question that kept running through my mind as I put a mix of red wheat berries and barley into the hopper of a grain mill attachment on my kitchen mixer. The mixer jiggled the grain kernels into a set of compressed-stone wheels, and soon a thin stream of fine, tan flour fell into the mixer bowl.

Whole Grains Are the Winning Ingredient at America’s Test Kitchen

February 10, 2016

America’s Test Kitchen is the utmost authority on foolproof recipes, so once I got wind that they have been experimenting with whole grains, I knew I had to take a closer look. 

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