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Frequently, schools, restaurants and other friends in the foodservice industry ask us for larger scale recipes to help them serve more whole grains. While we have an extensive collection of recipes with beautiful color photos here on the Whole Grains Council website, they are largely for the home cook and not what you need.

In 2007, we went to some of our favorite foodservice professionals and gathered 22 large-capacity recipes for our First Edition of Whole Grain Recipes for Foodservice.  This was a great start, but we wanted more!  We could think of no better way to boost our large-scale recipe collection than to ask entrants in the 2011 Whole Grains Challenge to submit their favorites to us. In they came – dozens of them – from commercial foodservice companies serving thousands of people a day, to school districts with ten schools, on down to neighborhood bistros serving three dozen diners a night.  We pored through the list to create the Second Edition, in mid-2012, with 75 new foodservice recipes.

Whatever the size of your foodservice operation, we invite you to use your expertise and creativity to scale these recipes up or down to meet your needs for delicious whole grain dishes.

First Edition 2007 – 22 recipes (download 128K PDF)

Second Edition 2012 – 75 recipes (download 1.3MB PDF)



Videos for Foodservice

We all know that cooking for hundreds of diners in a foodservice setting is very different from putting dinner on the table at home for a family of four. These videos offer tips and inspiration for serving more whole grains in restaurants, schools and workplace cafeterias!

Whole Grain Tips and Tricks (InHarvest 4:14)
A variety of general tips for cooking any grain in a foodservice environment.

Whole Grains at Every Station (InHarvest 3:59)
Here's inspiration for serving whole grains creatively in every day-part, from breakfast (oatmeal alternatives, parfaits and savory pancakes) through lunch (a farro and barley salad) and dinner (a quick paella). 

Ancient Grains: Greenwheat Freekeh and Quinoa (InHarvest 4:04)
Health benefits of whole grains in general – with a special focus on the story of two very popular ancient grains.

Greenwheat Freekeh and Massaged Kale Salad (InHarvest 3:40)
Want a special dish to add to your grain bar? A delicious Caesar dressing ties together smoky Freekeh and brilliant-green kale that's been made tender with a very useful massage technique.

Greenwheat Freekeh Vegetarian Meatballs (InHarvest 6:11)
How about "wheatballs" instead of meatballs? This basic recipe can be used for a range of dishes -- anywhere you might use a standard meatball mix.



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