Whole Grain Recipes


Soups and Starters

  • Judith Barrett, Eating Well
    This soup was a big hit at the Whole Grains Council's 2011 conference in Portland, Oregon. The creative chef there cooked everything together,  then separated the broth from the vegetables, beans and farro. We had the fun of adding hot broth to our cup o' goodies – a great alternative to having lukewarm soup with mushy contents.
  • Washington State Squash and Lentil Soup
    Frontier Soups
    Designed especially for vegetarians! Bright orange lentils and bulgur (wheat kernels that have been steamed, dried, and cracked), along with the seasoning packet, makes this a pretty-as-a-sunset golden stew.
  • Spelt and Shrimp in Spicy Coconut Broth
    Kathryn Conrad
    The taste of Thailand, but with the unexpected use of whole grain spelt instead of rice. Adjust the amount of curry paste to match your palate.
  • InHarvest Avocado Quinoa Soup
    InHarvest Specialtifoods
    This refreshing summer soup mixes two great Latino flavors: avocados and quinoa.
  • Freestyle Fish Pho with Buckwheat Noodles
    German Lam
    The origins of pho have been debated for years with China and France boasting influence over this versatile Vietnamese dish. A fragrant vegetable stock poaches fish, cooks vibrant Chinese vegetables and five-spice tofu, and warms buckwheat noodles.
  • Southwest Salsa Rice Bites
    Janet Gilbert / USA Rice
    Whether your taste in salsa runs medium or hot, these little brown rice appetizers are sure to please!
  • California Wild Rice Seafood Stew
    Chef "Fat Tony" – Café Fine and Domenico's, Monterey, CA
    You can substitute other fish for the clams, mussels, and crabs to make this delicious stew uniquely your own.
  • Double-Grain Bean Soup
    Miriam Backes and Bob's Red Mill
    This thick and hearty soup will warm the body and restore the spirit on even the coldest and dreariest of winter days. A great way to try triticale berries.
  • Chef Michael Holliman, InHarvest
    This dish is an easy but very sophisticated appetizer for your next party, made extra-special with top-quality wild rice.
  • Iowa Open House Grain and Pasta Potage
    Frontier Soups
    A beautiful brown and wild-rice blend of grains, a vegetable seasoning packet and whole grain pasta shells make a healthful, vegetable potage.
  • California Wild Rice Advisory Board
    The combination of onions and wild rice will leave your taste buds wanting more. Wild rice's texture complements the onions perfectly.
  • Photo by David Prince © 2006 Lorna Sass
    Lorna Sass
    This thick soup is hearty enough to serve as an entrée, accompanied by a tossed salad and perhaps a bowl of popcorn--a standard soup garnish used by Ecuadorians that delights children of all ages.
  • Curried Sweet Potato and Millet Soup
    Judith Finlayson
    This soup has a mild curry taste enhanced with orange and a hint of sweetness from the maple syrup. Walnuts add a bit of crunch.
  • Brenda Langton
    Take advantage of super sweet fresh corn when it's in season and use two large ears.
  • Southwestern Style Kamut Chili
    Kathryn Conrad
    A savory combination of grain, hominy, tomatoes and spices topped with cilantro, cheddar, sour cream and lime.
  • ABC Meatball Soup
    The Quaker Oats Company
    If you can find whole grain alphabet pasta (or simply use your favorite whole grain pasta) so much the better. Either way, this soup gets a great whole grain boost from the oats in the turkey meatballs. A great soup for kids.
  • Maria Speck
    Toasting gives grains a brilliant boost. Yet for me, during the week, this is normally one step too many. Here is where freekeh comes in handy: this almost forest-green wheat adds a roasty aroma to your dinner without actually needing to toast it. This nourishing grain and lentil soup is inspired by my travel to North Africa, where spicy hot chiles and sweet chewy dates are sometimes joined on a plate. My husband was a skeptic until he tried it—then I had to hide the dates.
  • Kamut Association
    A classic flavorful vegetable soup with the addition of whole grain pasta.
  • Lundberg Family Farms
    A very traditional chicken soup, made heartier with brown rice. Lime juice and lime slices add an unexpected zip.
  • Karen Mansur, Oldways and the Whole Grains Council
    Crisp on the outside and tender on the inside, these little patties will quickly become a favorite.  Serve them as an appetizer or for lunch over a bed of baby greens, they are even better with a tangy sauce like a Red Pepper or Lemon Aioli. 
  • Montana High Plains Wheat Berry Chili
    Frontier Soups
    Luscious whole grain wheat berries and a large red santaka chili pepper, along with a sensational seasoning packet, make this a hearty, full flavored chili. The wheat berries retain a juicy texture that our tasters love!
  • Cremini Mushroom and Roasted Garlic Rice Soup
    Gloria Pleasants / USA Rice
    This recipe combines rice, garlic, and mushrooms into a warm and filling soup that's perfect for crisp fall nights.
  • Creamy Cannellini Bean and Amaranth Soup
    Lori Sobelson
    Cannellini beans are especially pleasing to the palate in the company of fresh herbs, and amaranth is a wonderful whole grain thickener that makes this hale-and-hearty soup plenty filling enough to be a main dish. For a super-thick and creamy soup, puree all of the soup rather than leaving half of the beans whole.
  • Pasta e Fagioli (Pasta Bean Soup)
    John La Puma, MD, ChefMD
    This classic Italian soup is ideal for a cold winter day. Although the fennel adds great flavor, just leave it out if you can't easily find it in your local grocery, and simply add herbs of your own choice, such as rosemary or basil.

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