Whole Grains: the World Tour


Here at the Whole Grains Council, we adore whole grains all year round, and September’s month-long celebration of whole grains is the just the excuse we need to dial things up and have some fun. During Whole Grains Month there’s nothing we love more than watching folks fall head-over-heels for the unrivaled taste and overall goodness of whole grains. Each year we do something a little different and in 2019, we took over 3,000 followers on a culinary tour of whole grain recipes from around the world, calling it Whole Grains: The World Tour. 

Wondering what our next event has in store? Stay tuned for details about our September 2020 event!




What Else can you do to Celebrate?


Previous Whole Grains Month Celebrations (2011 — 2019)

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