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The Whole Grains Council’s many initiatives help consumers to find whole grain foods and understand their health benefits; help manufacturers and restaurants to create delicious whole grain foods; and help the media to write accurate, compelling stories about whole grains. The table below outlines some of the projects we will undertake to achieve these goals. 

Mediterranean Month
May, annually

Whole grains are a key component of the healthy and popular Mediterranean Diet, which is the focus of the Mediterranean Foods Alliance, a sister program of the WGC.  

Whole Grains Month

September every year

Each September we plan special activities to promote whole grains — and we encourage the media, non-profits and food manufacturers to do the same. What are YOU doing this September to celebrate whole grains? Contact Kelly Toups, 617-896-4884, for more details.

Whole Grain Sampling Day

The Last Wednesday in March (March 28, 2018)

Whole Grain Sampling Day, now on the last Wednesday in March, is a day when organizations and companies work together to help more people try more whole grains. Each year Whole Grain Sampling Day gets bigger and better with more partners! See our list of 2017 activities here and contact Kelly Toups, 617-896-4884, for more details.

Sampling & Coupons

We keep a “Sampling List” of companies that want to be informed whenever we’re asked for product samples.  When a school, health group, or some other organization asks us if we can help them get samples, we email all the WGC member companies on the Sampling List. Each company can decide whether that particular opportunity fits their marketing needs, or whether to pass on it.  If you’d like to be added to this no-obligation list, contact Caroline Sluyter, 617-896-4832.

Other Oldways Programs



The Whole Grains Council is part of Oldways, a nutrition education nonprofit that carries out a range of programs – many of which offer marketing opportunities that help sponsors reach key markets in meaningful ways. These include: