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Scientific Advisors

David Jacobs, PhD, Chair

Chair: David R. Jacobs, PhD

Professor of Epidemiology, University of Minnesota School of Public Health
David received his BS in Mathematics from Hofstra and his PhD in Mathematical Statistics from Johns Hopkins. His research interests include cardiovascular disease epidemiology, biometry, diet, physical activity, low serum cholesterol and noncardiovascular disease, nutritional epidemiology and whole grains. (Photo of David Jacobs at right)

James Anderson, MD

Professor of Medicine and Clinical Nutrition - University of Kentucky
Jim directs the Health Management Resources (HMR®) program (a weight loss program) and is director of the University of Kentucky's Metabolic Research Group. He founded the HCF Nutrition Research Foundation in 1979 to disseminate educational material and formed an exclusive network of physicians, the Obesity Research Network, which performs clinical research in the area of obesity. Jim divides his time between research, teaching, private practice and administration.

R. Gary Fulcher, PhD

Professor and Director of the Department of Food Science, University of Manitoba
Gary received his BA and MSc in biology from Carleton University in Ottawa, and his PhD in botany from Monash University in Australia. Before coming to the University of Minnesota in 1989, Gary was a Senior Research Scientist with Agriculture Canada and an adjunct professor at the School of Medicine at the University of Ottawa. In 2004, he came head of the Food Science program at the University of Manitoba. His research interests include: cereal chemistry and technology; carbohydrate chemistry;nutritional properties of grain components; evaluation of genetic characterization of quality; extraction and characterization of antioxidants and other grain phyto-chemicals; and structure / function relationships in foods. Gary is a fellow of the American College of Nutrition.

Victor Fulgoni III, PhD

President, Nutrition Impact
Prior to joining Nutrition Impact, Dr. Fulgoni worked for the Kellogg Company as Vice President of Food and Nutrition Research. At Kellogg he helped develop their long-term research program and was intimately involved in the company’s research and regulatory efforts to gain health claim approval from the US FDA regarding soluble fiber from psyllium and the risk of heart disease. Dr. Fulgoni completed his Bachelors degree at Rutgers University and his Ph.D. at the University of Tennessee with a major in animal nutrition and a minor in statistics.

Judith Hallfrisch, PhD

Nutrition Consultant
Judy received her MS and PhD in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Maryland. She was principal investigator of the Gerontology Nutrition Study of the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging at the National Institute on Aging. Judy also spent many years at USDA’s Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center, where she studied the beneficial and detrimental effects of recent changes in the US diet on health and performance in humans and animals; examined interactions among macro nutrients, antioxidant vitamins, and minerals on bioavailability of nutrients and tested ARS-developed fat replacers in humans for acceptability and potential for reduction of risk for disease. Now retired from the USDA, Judy works as a private nutrition consultant.

Julie Miller Jones, PhD, CNS, LN

Professor Emeritus, College of St. Catherine
Julie received her BS from Iowa State and her PhD from the University of Minnesota. A gifted speaker and teacher, Julie has received St. Catherine’s “outstanding faculty award” three times. Her research interests include women’s issues (body image and osteoporosis), food safety, and whole grains and health.

Pamela Keagy, PhD

Nutrition Consultant
Pam retired from USDA’s Western Regional Research Center in Berkeley California. While with USDA-WRCC she worked on many research projects including a study of total folate in cereal products. Since her retirement from USDA, she has been working as a private nutrition consultant and as chair of AACC’s Approved Methods Committee, which is responsible for maintaining an active, appropriate and scientifically sound program for developing analytical methodology for use in cereal-related laboratories.

Rui Hai Liu, PhD, MD

Associate Professor, Dept. of Food Science, Cornell University
Rui Hai Liu received his PhD in Toxicology from Cornell University. He also holds a MD in Medicine and a MS in Nutrition and Food Toxicology from Harbin Medical School in China. His recent publications include an analysis of phytochemicals and antioxidant activity in different wheat varieties. His research program focuses on diet and cancer, effects of functional foods/nutraceuticals on chronic disease risks and aging, active agents in herbal remedies for cancer and hepatitis and the health benefits of phytochemicals in fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Simin Liu, MD, ScD

Professor and Director, Program on Genomics and Nutrition, Dept. of Epidemiology, UCLA
Simin received his MD at the Jinan University School of Medicine, then earned his MPH and ScD degrees from Harvard’s School of Public Health. Prior to joining the UCLA faculty, he served as Instructor, Assistant, and Associate Professor of Medicine in the Department of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, and Assistant and Associate Professor of Epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health. Simin’s research is at the interface of nutrition and genetics/genomics and focuses on their interplay in affecting major chronic diseases in human populations. By examining large and high-quality prospective cohorts of middle-aged women and men (i.e., the Nurses’ Health Study, the Women’s Health Study, the Physicians’ Health Study), Simin and his collaborators have studied how dietary, life-course, and genetic factors may influence the development of chronic diseases. Within the common theme of insulin resistance, several specific diet-disease relations have been identified in this effort. Specifically, his group has identified dietary glycemic index and load and intake of whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and dietary fiber as significant predictors for future risk of type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease (CHD).

Len Marquart, PhD, RD

Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota
Len has a BS in nutrition from Syracuse University, and an MS and PhD from the University of North Carolina in Human Nutrition/Exercise Physiology. Before coming to UMN, he was Senior Scientist at General Mills’ Bell Institute. His research interests and published papers are in the areas of whole grains and health; factors influencing barriers, motivations and consumption of whole grain foods; the effects of processing on taste, nutritional content and efficacy of whole grains.

Nicola McKeown, PhD

Assistant Professor, Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts
Nicola's research, at the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, focuses on the influence of whole grain consumption on chronic disease risk and on dietary risk factors for type 2 diabetes. Her current research includes the role of dietary carbohydrates and lifestyle factors in development of insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes mellitus; whole-grain intake in relation to weight gain, metabolic risk factors and insulin resistance in different populations; and dietary methodology for population studies and use of novel biomarkers to validate dietary intakes. Nicola received her B.S. in Human Nutrition from the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland and her PhD in Nutritional Epidemiology from Cambridge University. She is Program Director, Nutritional Epidemiology at the Friedman School at Tufts.

Chris Miller, MS

Instructor of Milling Science and Management, Kansas State University
Chris Miller joined the Department of Grain and Industry faculty in January 2009, as the Buhler Instructor of Milling Science and Management.  In this role Chris is responsible for undergraduate teaching and advising, as well as industrial training and outreach through the International Grains Program. Chris has his BS in Milling Science and Management and MS in Grain Science both from The Department of Grain Science and Industry at Kansas State University. Chris has expertise in wheat flour milling, dry corn milling and oat milling, and was working with the Quaker Oats Co., before returning to KSU. Chris's reserach interests include wheat protein biochemistry.

Lloyd W. Rooney, PhD

Professor of Agronomy and of Food Science and Technology, Texas A&M University
Lloyd has a BS and PhD from Kansas State University. The technology, nutrition, and processing of cereal-based food products is the main research focus of Lloyd’s laboratory. He investigates processes to reduce fat content of snacks and other foods while maintaining desirable flavor and texture for consumer consumption, as well as genetic manipulation to develop new cereal varieties with improved processing quality and nutritional value. He also studies the interaction of starches and other components in foods and the effect of processing on the nutritional value of foods and feeds.

Joanne Slavin, PhD

Professor, Food Sciences and Nutrition, University of Minnesota
Joanne received her BS, MS and PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in dietetics and nutrition. She specializes in nutrition across the lifecycle, human nutrition, sports nutrition, dietary fiber, the role of diet in disease prevention, phytoestrogens from flax and soy, and whole grains. She continues to conduct human feeding studies that measure relevant biomarkers for chronic disease prevention.

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