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Over the years, the Whole Grains Council has heard from many individuals who want to support whole grains and “join” the WGC. Our answer has always been, “You don't need to pay anything. Our paid memberships are just for companies. Their sponsorship of the WGC makes it possible for a non-profit like us to provide cool programs and information to you for free.”

Now we’ve come up with the best of both worlds: Sign up here to become a "Friend of Whole Grains" and you can be an official part of the Whole Grains Council. But it’s still free!

Come on Board and Support the Cause

We welcome all the help we can get, to spread the word about whole grains. Here are some ways to carry out your solemn duty as a Friend of Whole Grains:

  • Just ask for whole grains every time you visit a restaurant. Restaurants need to know you want them – and they may surprise you with un-menued choices.

  • Bake whole grain treats and share them at work. Make copies of your recipe available – your co-workers will be surprised that something so good is healthy, too.

  • Talk about your favorite whole grains on your blog or website. Link to the WGC website, and use the Just Ask for Whole Grains logo. (download PDF now)

  • Send us a whole grain recipe (with a good photo) and we’ll post it on the WGC website, with your name.

  • Make a creative video about whole grains – cooking them, eating them, buying them, feeding them to your family, balancing them on your dog’s nose, singing about them – post it to YouTube, and send us the link.

You’ll probably come up with lots of other ideas we haven’t even thought of yet. Be creative, and let your passion for whole grains come out.

Email us photos, letters, and links that tell us about your efforts, and we just may blog about the cool things you're doing!

"Just Ask for Whole Grains" – our Monthly e-Newsletter

Every month, we’ll send you our Just Ask for Whole Grains e-newsletter, containing

  • News about creative efforts to promote whole grains

  • A list of everything that’s new on the WGC website. We add new stuff all the time, and you may have missed something really interesting.

  • Updates on the latest research on whole grains

  • Insider news about WGC activities

  • And more!

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