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Our next conference — titled Whole Grains Away from Home — will be held September 25-27, 2016 in Chicago. It will focus on getting more whole grains into foodservice, with program highlights including:

  • Why Consumers Choose Whole Grains (or Don't!) -- the behavioral psychology of whole grains / current attitudes

  • Nudging Restaurants and Diners toward Healthier Choices -- dining advocacy programs

  • Top Chicago chefs share their passion for whole grains

  • Using Whole Grains to Improve Your Dishes ("It's not a bug – it's a feature") performance & taste benefits of whole grains

  • Lessons from the Lunchroom – restaurants benefit from the successes of schools

  • Sourcing Whole Grains – How to buy quality whole grains; support services vendors offer for whole grain development.

  • Tips for Scaling Up and Cutting Costs

  • Searching for the Next Quinoa: Whole Grain Trend Watch

  • Demos: Artisan Baking with Whole Grains / Sprouted Grains

  • Demos: Chefs' showcase… Creative Applications for Ancient Grains

  • Food Court – Sponsors share realworld solutions for foodservice

  • Menu Movers – Case studies from chain restaurants on implementing whole grains

We'll post additional information here as planning progresses. In the meantime, want general information on Oldways / WGC conferences? Click on the links below.

All of our conferences feature top-notch speakers, delicious whole grain foods, lively audiences and plenty of networking, plus great opportunities for sponsors to showcase their whole grain creativity.


Access Past Conference Proceedings

You can access a wealth of materials — presentations, reports, handouts, photos, even videos — from our previous whole grains conferences by clicking here


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