Find Whole Grains

Find Whole Grains

Chain Restaurants

The chain restaurants on this page offer one or more whole grain options day in and day out. For those restaurants that are part of the Healthy Dining Finder program, a link to their Healthy Dining page is included, where you can access more information about the restaurant’s dietitian-approved menu options. Similarly, restaurants that feature whole grains among their choices for kids have a KidsLiveWell logo with a link.

If you know of other chain restaurants offering whole grain options, email Kelly Toups so we can add them to our list and help spread the word.

Chain Locations
Whole Grain Options

America's Incredible Pizza Company 8 locations
Pasta con Broccoli with Whole Wheat Pasta, Whole Wheat Pasta with Marinara Sauce, Moo Goo Gai Pan with Brown Rice  
Annapurna's World Vegetarian Cafe

3 locations


Quinoa and Roasted Vegetable Salad, Veggie Burger (made with brown rice), Breakfast Quinoa, Brown Rice available in many dishes including bowls, burritos and Indian Specialties   
Applebee's 1990 locations in 49 states Sirloin on a bed of whole grains, Lemon Chicken with quinoa    
Aroma Cafe

2 locations


Bran Muffin, Tabbouleh Salad and Fruit, Sandwiches on Whole Wheat Roll or 9 Grain Bread   
Arby's 3,500 locations
Market Fresh Bread with Oat Topping has 30g of whole grain per sandwich, Honey Wheatberry Market Fresh Bread has 18g per sandwich, and the Whole Grain Flatbread Wrap has 23g per sandwich.    
Atlanta Bread 135 locations
25 states
Whole Grain Bread or a Whole Grain Bagel may be used on any sandwich; Whole Grain Bread contains 16.8g of whole grains per slice or 33.6g per one full sandwich. Bran muffins also available.  
Au Bon Pain

233 locations


Oatmeal, Whole Wheat Multigrain Bread, Skinny Wheat Bagel, Whole Wheat Tortilla Wrap, Harvest Rice Bowls with Brown Rice, Wheatberry Waldorf Salad, Muesli   
B2 Cafe and Bagel Bagel Cafe

7 locations


Multigrain Bagel, Whole Wheat Wrap   
Babalu 3 locations
corn tortillas, corn  
bd's Mongolian Grill

31 locations


Brown Rice with any bowl   
B. Good

13 locations

All burgers and sandwiches can be served on whole wheat or gluten free buns, and for an added whole grain boost, their veggie burgers are made with brown rice and bulgur    
Baja Fresh 228 locations
27 states + international
Grilled Corn Tortillas    

10 states+DC

Whole wheat dough available on any pizza; multigrain penne in any pasta dish    
Black Bear Diner

63 locations


Whole Wheat Toast available with breakfast, request sandwiches on whole wheat bread   

600 locations


Whole Wheat Bread for Sandwiches   
Bob Evans 562 locations
Power Oatmeal Bowls and Harvest Chicken Power Bowl (with quinoa)    
Boloco Burritos 23 locations
5 States 
Whole wheat tortillas and brown rice available with any burrito    
Bonefish Grill

152 locations


Oatmeal at brunch, Whole Wheat Toast at brunch, seasonal side of quinoa   
Border Grill

3 locations


tacos on corn tortillas   
Boudin SF

12 locations


sandwiches on multigrain bread or multigrain baguette, oatmeal, granola parfait   
Brookfields Restaurant

3 locations


brown rice and wild rice, whole wheat bun available for burgers, oatmeal   
Bruegger's Bagels 300+ locations
26 states & D.C.
Whole wheat bagel can be used with any sandwich; they also serve a Chicken and Wild Rice Soup     
Buca di Beppo 90+ locations
100% whole wheat penne available as an option in any pasta dish    
Burger King

12,000+ locations
and International

Oatmeal, with 32g whole grain per serving, and wheat tortilla with whole wheat as the first ingredient.    
Burger Lounge

15 locations


quinoa salad, organic whole wheat buns on all burgers, vegetarian burger made from quinoa and brown rice   
Cafe Bernardo

5 locations


Farro and Kale Salad, whole wheat sourdough bread available for sandwiches   
California Pizza Kitchen 250+ locations in 32 states and International The Honey Wheat with Whole Grain crust option offers 58g of whole grain per pizza    
Cantina Laredo

38 locations


corn tortillas   
Carrabba's Italian Grill 220+ locations USA Whole grain spaghetti available on all Signature Pastas.    
Caribou Coffee

15 states

Oatmeal in six flavors: Classic, Maple Brown Sugar, Apple Cinnamon, Very Berry, and Blueberry Almond    
Cereality 2 locations
in TX, VA
Homemade granolas on their own or in parfaits, General Mills' whole grain cereals, and 4 different Oatmeals to choose from: Apple, Banana, Peach, and Chocolate    
Chelos 9 locations
Whole wheat bulky roll and a whole wheat wrap    
Chipotle 1200 locations USA Whole grain tortillas, wraps and brown rice.    
Chopt 30 locations
Washington, D.C. and NYC
In addition to a creative menu of green salads and grain salads that often feature whole grains, customers can also customize their own salad bowls featuring a number of flavorful quinoa blends, such as tri-color quinoa, Southwest Quinoa blend, or even a quinoa, lentil, and millet blend.    
Coco's Bakery Restaurant

115 locations


multigrain pancakes, whole wheat bun available for burgers, wheat bread available for sandwiches, oatmeal, Ancient Grains salad   
Corner Bakery Café 119 locations
11 states & D.C.
Berry Almond Swiss Muesli and Old-Fashioned Oatmeal, granola parfait, quinoa & pico salad, and a variety of whole grain breads    
Cosi 140+ locations
16 states & D.C.
Oatmeal, grain bowls (brown rice, sprouted brown rice, red rice, sprouted red rice, wild rice)    
Cotixan Mexican Food

9 locations


whole wheat tortilla   
Cowboy Chicken 9 locations
whole wheat buns available for sandwiches, side wheat roll  
Cracker Barrel 600+ locations
Choose to have any sandwich served on whole wheat Sourdough Bread; French Toast can be made with whole wheat Sourdough Bread; oatmeal breakfast and an assortment of General Mills' whole grain cereals    
CBW (Crazy Bowls and Wraps) 17 locations
Brown rice an option in all bowls; whole wheat tortillas an option for all wraps; whole wheat noodle bowls    
Crushed Red 2 locations
New pizza chain with "hand stretched whole grain pie" as base of all pizzas"    

1700 locations


whole wheat buns, whole wheat French toast, whole grain rice, banana pecan pancakes, oatmeal   
Dig Inn 5 locations
New York City
Offers brown rice, whole wheat breads and pitas, and oatmeal    
Dos Amigos Burritos 5 locations
Choice of whole wheat tortilla on all burritos (but no brown rice choice yet)    
Dunkin' Donuts

10,000+ USA/


Oatmeal, whole wheat bagel, multigrain flatbread    

2 locations

All they serve is quinoa bowls!    
El Pollo Loco

401 locations


whole wheat avocado burrito, whole wheat tortillas, corn tortillas, corn cobbettes and corn,   
El Torito

71 locations


corn tortillas,   
Elephant Bar Restaurant

46 locations


brown rice, whole wheat bun,   
Erik's DeliCafe 32 locations
9-Grain Whole Wheat Bread and Gluten-Free Whole Grain Bread for sandwiches, Chicken Vegetable Rice soup made with brown rice  
Extreme Pizza 42 locations
All pizzas available on whole wheat crust  
Farrelli's Pizza 7 locations
100% whole grain pizza crust and a gluten free pizza crust     
First Watch 100+ locations
13 states, mostly Southeast US
Power Bowls made with quinoa; also granola and muesli     
The Flame Broiler 162 locations
Brown Rice with any bowl or plate  
Flancer's 2 locations
Whole wheat pasta for any pasta dish, whole wheat wrap for any sandwich, whole wheat pizza crust for any 10'' pizza  
Fratello's Waterfront Restaurant 2 locations
Whole grain pasta    
French Meadow Bakery & Cafe 2 locations
Corn tortillas, brown rice  
Fresh to Order (F2O) 11 locations
Southeastern US (TN, SC, NC, GA, FL)
Wheat Berry Rice, Roasted Corn Peanut Salad, All burgers on Whole Wheat Flatbread (sandwiches can also be on Whole Wheat Flatbread)  

40+ locations

16 Canada 
4 International

Customize your meal, with all fresh ingredients, including brown rice, quinoa, muesli, honey wheat tortillas, and oatmeal    
Frullati Cafe and Bakery 20 locations
Wheat roll, Whole Grain Bread available with any gourmet sandwich  
Genghis Grill 43 locations in
19 states 
Brown rice available in any Build Your Own bowls  
Great Harvest Bread Co. 200+ locations
Handcrafted whole grain breads made daily with fresh-ground premium whole wheat, pure and simple ingredients, and without preservatives, additives or dough conditioners; also provide healthy complementarily whole grain products, which can vary by location, such as soups, sandwiches, and take-home mixes for whole grain breads, cereals, trail mix, cookies and pancakes    
Green Line Cafe 20 locations
whole wheat bread available for sandwiches, multi-grain bagels  
HipCityVeg 2 locations
Philadelphia, PA
Whole Wheat Bun, Whole Wheat Roll, Corn  
Hobee's 6 locations
South SF Bay Area
Whole grain bread, whole wheat buns & tortillas, brown rice pilaf, breakfast oatmeal bar, honey whole wheat pancakes, and granola cereals    
How Do You Roll? 8 locations
Brown Rice option for sushi and rice bowls  
IHOP 1500+ locations USA Whole wheat crepes, waffles and pancakes, and of course, oatmeal!    
Jack in the Box

2,100+ locations
18 states

The Chicken Fajita Pita, a staple on Jack's menu for 20 years, gets a nutritional boost with the addition of a whole grain pita containing 16 grams of whole grains per serving. Oatmeal blueberry muffin avaiable for breakfast.    
Jamba Juice 700+locations
4 cheese flatbread, Cheesy pretzel, Steel cut oatmeal (Plain, Apple Cinnamon, Berry Cherry Pecan, Blueberry & Blackberry, Fresh Banana)    
Jason's Deli

240 locations

Whole grain breads, wraps and tortillas for their sandwiches.    
Jersey Mike's 1300+ locations
Wheat Bread has 16g of whole grain in a regular (half roll) and 32g of whole grain in a giant (whole); Wild and Brown Rice Chicken Soup; Honey Whole Wheat Wrap     
Joe's Crab Shack 135 locations
Corn on the cob  
JuiceLand 14 locations
Austin, TX and Brooklyn, NY
While best known as a smoothie and juice spot, JuiceLand also offers a few whole grain items on their food menu, including the Clean & Soba Noodle Bowl, the Double Rainbow Quinoa Salad, the Quinoa Ranchero, and more.    
Le Pain Quotidien 13 locations in NYC, Los Angeles, DC, CT and Philadelphia Wheat levain bread, oatmeal, brown rice pudding, quinoa taboulé, quiche with buckwheat crust    
Luby's 98 locations
Menu changes, but look for brown rice and corn  
Lyfe Kitchen 17 locations
California, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, New York, Tennessee, Texas
Burritos and wraps are available in a whole wheat tortilla. Whole grains are prominently featured throughout the menu, including quinoa buttermilk pancakes, quinoa crunch wrap, quinoa crunch bowl, ancient grain stir fry, thai red curry bowl (with wheat berries), and much more.    
M Cafe de Chaya 3 locations
Wheat Baguette, Brown Rice  
Maggiano's Little Italy 43 locations
22 states
Whole wheat penne offered as substitution    
Makiman Sushi 2 locations
Philadelphia, PA
Brown Rice  
Mama Fu's Asian House 16 locations
Brown rice available with any rice bowl  

13,000+ U.S.
1,000+ UK

34,000+ International

U.S.: Oatmeal is available all day long and contains 2 servings (32g) of whole grain    
Miami Subs 36 locations
mainly FL (also SC, HI)
Grandma Robyn's Oatmeal Pie, multigrain sub rolls, multigrain bread  
Mimi's Cafe 145 locations
most southern states
Multigrain croissant (also available as a sandwich roll), oatmeal, whole wheat toast  
Maoz Vegetarian 22 locations
USA, Spain, The Netherlands, France, Brazil
Whole wheat pitas are a choice for any sandwich at this Mediterranean vegetarian quick service restaurant.    
Modmarket 13 locations
Texas and Colorado
The pizza dough and the Belgian waffles are 100% whole grain and made from scratch each day. Additionally, multigrain bread comes standard when you order soup, breakfast scrambles, and breakfast plates, and is also available for sandwiches. Also look for the Superfood salad (with quinoa pilaf), Gogi Wheat (a side made with bulgur, goji berries, and other yummy ingredients), and gluten free honey multigrain toast.    
Moe's Southwest Grill 500+ locations
34 states
Whole grain tortillas available for quesadillas, burritos, junior burritos, and salad bowls; 10" tortillas offer 31g of whole grain, and 12" ones provide 45g    
MOOYAH Burgers, Fries and Shakes 60 locations
whole wheat bun available for burgers  
Mother's Market 7 locations
Organic Brown Rice and Organic Lemon Quinoa as sides or with meals, Organic Whole Wheat Tortillas, Corn Tortillas and 9-Grain Toast for sandwiches, tacos and wraps, Ma's Flap Jacks (multigrain), Whole Grain buns with all burgers  
Muscle Maker Grill 47 locations
Whole Wheat Pasta, Brown Rice, Whole Wheat Bread  
Naked Pizza 15 locations
LA, MD, NJ, VA, WA & international
Whole Grain Crust ("Ancestral Blend") on any pizza  
Nanoosh 4 locations
Quinoa salad, whole wheat wraps, farro.    
Native Foods Cafe 26 locations
California, Colorado, Illinois, Oregon, Washington D.C., Virginia, Florida
Whole grains are the norm at this vegan cafe! Brown rice or quinoa comes standard with bowls, wraps come in a whole wheat wrap, burgers come in a whole wheat bun, and whole grain ciabattas are a choice for sandwiches. Also look for quinoa in salads.    
Noodles & Co. 260+ locations in
22 states
Whole grain Tuscan linguini dish     
Oby's 3 locations
Whole Wheat Tortilla  

Old Spaghetti Factory

40+ locations in 14 states Whole wheat pasta available as a choice on all pasta dishes.    
Olive Garden 800+ locations
U.S. & Canada
Whole wheat linguini is available as an option in any pasta dish.    
Organic to Go Catering throughout Seattle Meeting and event catering, featuring healthy organic meals that include steel cut oatmeal, whole wheat tortilla wraps, and granola     
Over Easy 2 locations
Houseblend Granola, Organic Breakfast Quinoa, Multigrain Toast, Multigrain bread available for sandwiches, Housemade Organic Quinoa Burger, Salmon & Organic Quinoa Salad  
Panda Express 1,500 locations
Brown steamed rice and brown fried rice available    
Panera 1,362 locations
Oatmeal, quinoa oatmeal, freshly baked whole grain bread, for sale by the loaf or served with sandwiches, salads and soups.    
Papouli's Greek Grill 5 locations
Whole Wheat Pita, tabouli salad (bulgur)  
Pasha's Healthy Mediterranean Cuisine 5 locations
Bulgur Pilaf, Granola, Whole Wheat Pita Bread, Tabbouleh salad,  
Pasta Pomodoro 20+ locations
in CA
Organic whole wheat fusilli may be substituted in most pasta dishes, and Organic Farro is offered in a risotto salad and as a side dish    
Pei Wei Asian Diner 170+locations
21 states
Offers brown rice as an option with all meals    
Peking Chef 2 locations
Brown rice available  
Pita House 2 locations
Tabouleh Salad (made from cracked whole wheat)    
Pita Pit 211 locations
USA + International
choice of Whole Wheat Pita    
Pizza Fusion 12 locations
Choice of Multigrain Crust  
Pizza Luce 7 locations
All pizzas (except GF) made with whole grain flour, multigrain bread available for all hoagies    
PF Chang's China Bistro

200+ locations
39 states


Offers brown rice as an option with all meals    
Pick Up Stix

70+ locations


Offers brown rice as an option with all meals    
Pret A Manger over 350 locations
USA, UK, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai
Whole grains are easy to find at this cafe! Whole grain breads are standard for many of the sandwiches. Also look for the energy bagel, hearty grains muffin, harvest cookie, cauliflower & sweet potato curry quinoa rice pot, steel cut oatmeal, organic popcorn, sweet and salty popcorn, bircher muesli, blueberry & granola pot, little cup of goodness (with granola), and more.    
The Protein Bar 20 locations
Chicago, Washington D.C., and Colorado
Whole grains are the norm at this fast casual outlet! Signature Grilled Protein "Bar-ritos" are made with a warm organic quinoa blend and a low-cal whole wheat wrap. The menu also offers steel cut oatmeal (both fruity and chocolate options), as well as a wide variety of hearty quinoa bowls, with lean meat and/or vegetarian toppings.    
Quaker Steak and Lube 50 locations
17 states (mainly mid-Atlantic region)
Whole wheat wrap available    
Red Robin 460 locations
Whole grain bun available  
RedBrick Pizza 16 locations
Whole Wheat Crust, Whole Wheat Flatbread, Whole Wheat Toast  
Rising Roll 15 locations
Multigrain bread available for sandwiches, Whole wheat tortilla available for wraps, Oatmeal with a variety of toppings  
Roly Poly Sandwich Shop 125+ locations
24 states
Customers can further enhance already healthy selections by substituting a whole wheat tortilla on any sandwiches    
Romano's Macaroni Grill 209 locations
41 states
Whole wheat fettucini is available on request in any pasta dish or as a substitute for orzo or potatoes    
Roti Mediterranean Grill 22+ locations
Chicago, Washington, D.C., and New York City
Whole wheat pita bread with any meal, cauliflower quinoa tabbouleh    
Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill 190 locations
5 states
Corn tortillas are all stone-ground whole grain corn, and a whole grain tortilla is an option on any burrito.    
Ruby Tuesday 775 locations
Brown Rice Pilaf is a Classic Signature Side    
Ruby's Diner 37 locations
Steel cut oatmeal, whole wheat toast, whole wheat burger buns, whole wheat tortillas, whole wheat bread  
Ruggle's Green 4 locations
Whole Wheat Buns, Quinoa Mac & Cheese, Quinoa Linguini    
Rumbi Island Grill 22 locations
5 states

Brown rice offered with all rice bowls, and can be requested for other entrees

Sabrina's Cafe 4 locations
whole wheat pancakes, multigrain toast available at breakfast, multigrain bread available with sandwiches, whole wheat tortilla for wraps  
Sammy's Woodfired Pizza 12 California
5 Nevada
Whole wheat (or gluten-free) crusts available on all pizzas; whole wheat pasta available on request in all pasta dishes.    
Samurai Sam's 45 locations
13 states
Choice of brown rice in any rice bowl, or make any bowl a wrap with a whole wheat tortilla.    
Schlotzsky's 330 locations
Whole wheat roll available for sandwiches  
Seasons 52 40 locations
Menu changes seasonally, but look for whole wheat tortillas, whole wheat buns, corn, wild rice, quinoa, and other whole grains  
Sergio's 7 locations
Brown Rice as side, Whole Wheat Empanadas, Oatmeal, Cheerios  
Sharky's Woodfired Mexican Grill 23 locations
Southern CA
Quinoa salads, brown rice, whole wheat tortillas    
Silver Diner 15 locations
Brown Rice, quinoa pasta, whole wheat toast, multigrain bread, multigrain tortillas, granola parfait, quinoa pancakes  
Sombrero Mexican Food 20 locations
whole wheat tortillas, corn tortillas  
Sonic Drive-In 3,500 locations USA Grilled chicken sandwich served on whole wheat roll.    

11,000+ locations

Worldwide chain

"Perfect oatmeal" with toppings, wheat wraps; prepared Bistro Boxes include whole grain crackers and whole wheat pitas    

26,600+ locations

41,700+ worldwide

9-Grain Wheat Bread contains 24g of whole grain in a 6" roll    
Sushi Maki 16 locations
quinoa fried rice, brown rice in any roll or bowl  
Sweet Peppers Deli 14 locations
whole wheat bread available for sandwiches  
Sweetgreen 30 locations
NYC, Washington D.C. area, Boston, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles
This popular fast-casual chain boasts a standard menu of grain bowls, including the Earth Bowl (with quinoa and farro), the Harvest Bowl (with wild rice), and the Wild Child (with wild rice). The Spicy Sabzi also features spicy quinoa. In addition, seasonal salads, which often feature whole grains, are rotated through 5 times throughout the year, and whole grains (quinoa, farro, and wild rice) can be added to any salad or used in a custom salad.    
The Delectable Egg 5 locations
Whole Wheat French Toast, Banana Oat Cakes, Oatmeal Almond Cakes with Strawberries, corn tortillas, Oatmeal bowl  
Taco Time 350+locations
U.S. & Canada
Veggie burrito in a whole wheat tortilla    
Tin Drum Asia Cafe 13 locations
brown rice can be substituted for white  
Tio Leo's Restaurant 3 locations
whole wheat tortillas, corn tortillas  
True Food Kitchen 11 locations
Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Texas, Virginia
Whole grains are prominently featured throughout the menu, including quinoa jonny cakes, goji berry granola (with puffed brown rice), Mediterranean Chopped salad (with quinoa), panang curry (brown rice), quinoa tagliatelle, teriyaki brown rice bowl, chicken chopped salad (with farro), and much more.    
UFood Grill 15 locations
10+ states
whole wheat buns are the default choice, whole-grain naan flatbread available for sandwiches, whole wheat wraps available for wraps and burritos, brown rice as a side, granola parfait, oatmeal, breakfast sandwiches on whole-wheat English muffin  
Una Mas 16 locations
Corn Tortilla  
US Pizza Co 15 locations
whole wheat hoagie available for sandwiches  
Uno Chicago Grill 140+ locations
U.S., UAE, Korea, Honduras , Saudi Arabia & Kuwait
Brown rice, farro salad; choice of traditional or 5-grain crust on pizzas; choice of Barilla whole grain pasta on all pasta dishes    

11 locations

2 UK


Whole wheat pasta is made fresh daily in-house and can be served in any made-to-order pasta dish that chefs prepare right in front of you    
Veggie Grill 23 locations
Quinoa Power Salad, All Hail Kale salad (with quinoa), Black Beans + Quinoa Bowl, All Sandwiches are on Whole Wheat Buns, bowls with super grains  
Waba Grill 50 locations
Brown rice can be substituted for white  
Weathervane Seafoods 10 locations
Whole Wheat Pasta with Marinara    
Wheat State Pizza

4 locations in

Pizzas available on 100% whole wheat crust or 50% whole wheat crust – also dessert pizzas & calzones with 50% crust! Gluten free crust also available.    
Which Wich 90 locations
USA + international
choice of whole wheat bread for any sandwich  
Whole Foods Market 300+ locations
U.S., Canada & UK
It's a store, not a restaurant – but Whole Foods' deli take-out department offers a range of whole grain choices for lunch or dinner    
Zoe's Kitchen 102 locations
15+ states (mainly Southeast)
sandwiches on 7-grain or rye bread, quinoa salad, whole wheat pasta  
zpizza 88 locations
15+ states
whole wheat crust available for pizzas, whole wheat bread available for sandwiches  


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