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For Members

For Members

This section of the website is designed for food companies. It contains information on using the Whole Grain Stamp, and on other ways the Oldways Whole Grains Council helps companies promote whole grains. Not a member yet ? Click on the JOIN button to learn how you can partner with the WGC.

Member Services: Open Choices

Most of the member services we offer are listed at the left, in open links that anyone – member or not – may browse and explore. We want everyone to be able to review the services of the WGC and understand how we function.

Take a look (whether you're a member or not!), and get familiar with the many ways that companies can help promote the cause of whole grains, or get help developing new whole grain products.

More Member Services: Password-protected Choices

A few choices are behind the password "gate" and require that you log in as a WGC member. In this area, our members can:

  • File Product Registration Forms to apply to use the Whole Grain Stamp on a product.

  • Download Stamp graphics for approved products.

  • Upload New Product Announcements to the Newsroom section of the website.

  • Change contact information or other details on their membership listing.

Log in, using the username and password you have been given, and you can access these choices.

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