Over the weekend, I spent one very long, very hot day working in my yard, and afterwards, the thought of cooking dinner just didn’t appeal to me. Sure, I could have made something in the microwave, but does that really count as cooking? That semi-existential debate aside, it made sense to let someone else cook for me.

Enter Papa John’s, the very first national pizza chain with a 100% whole wheat crust, serving up 40g of whole grains per slice. And it’s good – I mean, REALLY good! I’m a plain cheese kind of girl, but just imagine your favorite pizza toppings served on a delicious whole grain crust. It made me very happy to see the 100% Stamp on display in my local Papa John’s (click here to find one near you), and it made me even happier knowing I’d have a delicious whole grain dinner – without having to cook a thing! (Kara – June 10, 2008)

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