Until recently, finding whole grain products was difficult. Is this product whole grain, or simply refined flour with caramel coloring? Does 100% wheat mean it’s whole grain? What does multigrain really mean?

Help from the whole grains council

The Whole Grains Council believes that lots of consumers want to eat whole grains – if they could only figure out which products qualify. This section of our website helps you find whole grains three different ways:

  • With the Whole Grain Stamp, a special packaging symbol now on thousands of popular products — check out the list of Stamped Products here on our website. If you run a restaurant or cafeteria, filter by “foodservice” to find products that especially cater to large-volume settings.

  • By mail order, so you can get teff, sorghum, farro, millet, and other grains in home-size amounts, even if your local stores don’t yet carry them.

  • For food manufacturing, to connect you with bulk sources of whole grain ingredients, using our handy Wholesale Ingredient Sources page.