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colorful salad with carrots, noodles, cabbage, and peanuts
A misleading new study alleges that "including a moderate amount of whole grains is optional for a healthy diet" -- a finding at odds with prevailing nutrition research. Experts join us to break down the science. ...
Whole Grains Month bingo card
Play along with us for a chance to win amazing whole grain prizes.
large version of consumer insights survey graphic
Our 2023 Whole Grain Consumer Insights Survey found many indicators that consumers are increasingly seeking whole grain foods, not only for their health benefits, but also because consumers see them as tasty and sustainable.
Pasta salad with basil, grilled cantaloupe, and prosciutto
A full day of whole grain meals, without turning on the oven!
a whole wheat sandwich sliced diagonally atop a white plate
Nutritious school meals improve the dietary quality of children in the short term, and new research suggests that the benefits can extend into adulthood as well, making stronger whole grain standards in lunches more imperative than ever.
A colorful bowl of tabbouleh with lemon slices
Welcome back to our Spotlight series. This round, we're off to the Middle East with bulgur and its smoky cousin, freekeh. Let's learn more about about these two fiber-filled, quick-cooking grains...
bowl of farro salad with strawberries, mint, and lime
Grains might be considered latecomers to the local foods movement, but they’ve arrived and they’re changing the way many communities think about flavor and flour.
granola parfait on a table
To effectively reduce our risk of diet related disease, research suggests that the one of most impactful nutrition shifts we should prioritize is increasing the consumption of one healthy, yet widely underutilized food group: whole grains.
In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month, we're featuring three Japanese breakfasts centered around healthy, nutty brown rice...
A child in a red and white striped dress holds bowl of granola and fruit
We adults often overestimate how picky children are about their food. Childhood is actually the best time to teach healthy eating habits and familiarize children with the flavors and textures of whole grains.
a white bowl filled with cooked brown rice and vegetables
When people are looking to connect with the food traditions of their ancestors, which types of rice are they putting on their plate? To find out, we caught up with Cameron Jacobs of USA Rice to share insights from market research.
Bob Moore, founder of Bob's Red Mill, standing in front of the iconic red mill
Join us in wishing Bob Moore a happy 94th birthday, then read on for the history of Bob's Red Mill, Bob's philosophy on good health, and the story behind the iconic hats!...