We spend a good part of every week helping the media write compelling and accurate stories about whole grains.

Whole Grain Resources for the Press

Please call on us if you need ideas for story angles about whole grains, or information about the Whole Grains Council and its programs. Here are just a few questions we’ve answered recently for the media:

  • How many products now use the Whole Grain Stamp?

  • What are the nutritional differences between different grains?

  • Why do whole grain products taste better now than 10 years ago?

  • What’s the most interesting and unusual new whole grain product you’re aware of?

  • Who’s making products with amaranth and quinoa?

  • Are there any new research studies on the health benefits of whole grains?

We invite you to call us… and try to stump us with your own creative questions. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find you a resource who does!

Recipe Reprints

Many of the recipes on the Whole Grains Council website are available for reprinting on your website or in print. Contact Katherine for information about which recipes can be used, and how to credit them in your reprint.

Media Contacts

For more information about the Whole Grains Council, or to arrange for interviews with Council members and leaders, our Scientific Advisory Committee, or Culinary Advisors, please contact:

Katherine Kelley
Marketing Communications Coordinator
(617) 896-4801