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Benefits of Whole Grains Council Membership

Take advantage of the marketing strength of the Whole Grain Stamp. Improve consumer trust and confidence in your products by proudly displaying the Whole Grain Stamp on your packaging. Annual membership dues authorize members to use the Whole Grain Stamp on an unlimited number of qualified and approved products at no additional cost. 

Members who produce Stamp-approved items for private-label brands may also pass Whole Grain Stamp use along to their customers, giving them a competitive edge in the copacking market. 

There are numerous benefits that go beyond the Stamp, including boosted brand visibility and reach, access to data, trends, and sponsorhip opportunities, and much more. 

The Power of the Whole Grain Stamp

The Stamp gives consumers the information they want… 

infographic showing consumers look for info on Stamp

…with a packaging symbol they trust. 

infographic showing consumer trust in Stamp

Front-of-pack whole grain content claims made by the manufacturer are not enough. More than half of consumers are skeptical of whole grain claims made without the Stamp, including: 

infographic showing consumers are skeptical if they don't see the Stamp
“We consider the Whole Grain Stamp a badge of honor, and that’s why we’ve placed it front and center on all of our packaging.” —Member since 2010
“We love the Whole Grain Stamp for its simplicity, and we believe it’s highly valued by the health-conscious consumers we’re trying to support with our product line.” —Member since 2020

The Whole Grain Stamp has appeared on products since 2005. It’s used on over 13,000 products available in 65 countries around the globe.

Use of the Whole Grain Stamp around the world

Major benefits beyond the Whole Grain Stamp 

  • Boost brand visibility and reach. Participate in our promotional events like Whole Grain Sampling Day and Whole Grains Month. Sign up to be included on the sourcing lists we share with consumers, companies, and foodservice operators looking to order whole grain ingredients. Get free support via our social media outlets, website, and blog. 
  • Gain access to events and sponsorship opportunities. Members qualify for free and discounted registrations to the Whole Grains Conferences we host, events that offer unrivaled networking opportunities among the movers and shakers of the whole grain industry. Additionally, we offer a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities, both at our conferences and throughout the year, for members to amplify their brand visibility to a curated subset of Oldways’ and the WGC’s diverse audiences and networks. Discounts are available to members. 
  • Access data insights and stay on top of trends. As whole grain and nutrition experts, we have a wealth of experience and data to share with our members. We analyze and publish insights from our Stamped Product Database and commission regular Consumer Insights Surveys with in-depth reporting on trends, consumption patterns, and consumer perceptions and knowledge of whole grains. We share this information and much more through our monthly member newsletter. 
  • Support the good and essential work we do year-round, advocating for whole grains. We’ve been promoting whole grains for nearly 20 years using a multi-pronged approach to educate consumers, support manufacturers, and energize the media. We continually advocate for clear whole grain definitions and supportive dietary guidance at national and international levels by submitting official comments on regulatory documents, setting up meetings with policy makers, and leading international working groups. 

The support of our members enables the essential work we do in nutrition education and whole grain advocacy. In turn, our impact with consumers, health professionals, and regulators strengthens the whole grain market, improves public health outcomes for consumers, and supports our members’ success.

For Questions about the Whole Grain Stamp or Membership

Vik Bensen, Stamp Program Manager 
617-896-4810 or
including questions about registering products, or logging in to the members’ area of the website

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