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Whole grains are more and more available in homes, schools and supermarkets – but are still rare in restaurants and non-school foodservice operations. The Oldways Whole Grains Council wants to change that situation, and we welcome ideas and suggestions from companies serving the foodservice market.

How is your company supporting the growth of whole grains in foodservice? We’d like to get an understanding of best practices that make a difference — and give your company visibility for its efforts. For instance:

  • Do you do custom product development for restaurants, such as creating a whole grain bun for a QSR chain?

  • Do you have chefs on staff, who hold workshops for customers on how to cook your grains? 

  • Do you create special materials explaining how to use your products in a foodservice environment? 

  • Do you offer foodservice-friendly recipes for cooking in bulk?

  • What else are you doing to promote whole grain choices?

What could the Whole Grains Council be doing to increase momentum for whole grains in restaurants and foodservice?

  • Create promotions that encourage consumers to order whole grains in restaurants where they’re offered.

  • Connect whole grain culinary experts with foodservice operations interested in learning more about whole grains.

  • Do more to spotlight existing whole grains in restaurants, through social media and other channels.

  • Survey foodservice outlets to learn more about the barriers that keep them from offering more whole grain options.

  • Helping WGC members connect with restaurants/foodservice operations that might be interested in trying samples of new whole grain products.

  • Any other ideas you can think of!

The WGC welcomes any interested companies to be part of our informal Foodservice Advisory Committee — an open-ended, ongoing effort to make a difference in the foodservice space.

Contact Kelly Toups ( or 617-896-4820) if you have information to share and would like to get involved. We’ll be collecting ideas and asking for your feedback by email and phone, so you can contribute as much or as little time as you’re able. (We know you all have day jobs.)