The Oldways Whole Grains Council wants to do everything possible to support more Whole Grains Away From Home. If you run a foodservice operation, you may be interested to know that many food manufacturers will help you develop products and devise winning menus for foodservice. Here are some great sources for you:

88 Acres Foods

Foodservice Contact Name: Hannah Meier
Foodservice Contact Email:
Whole grain foodservice products we offer: 88 Acres creates seed and whole grain foods with high quality, gluten-free whole oats. All of our products are also free from the Top-8 allergens as well as sesame. Our foodservice items include bulk (10#) bags of Seednola: an up-cycled product made from the unused edge pieces of our Seed Bar bakes. Seed’nola allows our bakery to be zero waste and is an addictively delicious topping for yogurt, oatmeal or even ice cream. We also create bars and granola specific to K-12 foodservice and compliant with USDA grain crediting standards (1 and 2-ounce equivalents).
Foodservice support we offer: We are thrilled to partner with foodservice programs wishing to feature our seed and grain foods. We have developed recipes and creation bar concepts using our seed’nolas and seed butters that can integrate into any foodservice program. We would love to collaborate on marketing and promotion efforts with your foodservice team to showcase 88 Acres and build excitement within your business as well.

Ardent Mills

Foodservice Contact Name: Don Trouba
Foodservice Contact Email:
Whole grain foodservice products we offer: Ardent Mills, the industry’s premier flour miller and innovator, offers the most comprehensive selection of traditional and innovative whole grain flours, whole grains and custom multi-grain blends, all with the promise of reliability, consistency, support and scale including:
• Whole Wheat Flour: The traditional favorite in fine, medium, coarse and ultrafine granulations
• Pumpernickel Rye: Whole grain rye flour for classic European flavor
• Organic Whole Wheat Flours and Grains: Ingredients offering quality, consistency and scalability
• Ultragrain Whole Wheat Flour: Whole grain nutrition with white flour appeal
• Ultragrain High Performance: Exceptional gluten strength, higher absorption and lower formula costs
• Heirloom Wheats and Ancient Grains: A broad portfolio including Quinoa and Organic Spelt
• Sprouted: convenient Sprouted White Spring Whole Wheat Flour for any application with national scalability
• Sustagrain Barley: The highest fiber whole grain with 3X the fiber of oats
• Foodservice-ready whole grain breads baked at our Innovative Bakery Resources
Foodservice support we offer: From concept to commercialization, Ardent Mills partners with you through our culinary support, R&D, technical support and consumer insights. And with our newly launched Ardent Mills Innovation Center, we have the culinary and innovation facility to bring your creations to life.

Barilla USA

Foodservice Contact Name: Michael Blight
Foodservice Contact Email:
Whole grain foodservice products we offer: Whole Grain (certified) pasta
Foodservice support we offer: We develop and execute PR, collateral, run promotions and sweepstakes, coordinate and facilitate marketing events, recipe development, menu development, and training. We also create e-news, tradeshow and event follow-ups, and so much more beyond the blue box. Contact the leading pasta company in the United States for more information on how to menu your whole grain pasta and drive pasta sales.

Bimbo Bakehouse Foodservice

Foodservice Contact Name: Ted Swain
Foodservice Contact Email:
Whole grain foodservice products we offer: Bimbo Bakehouse Foodservice is eager to use our extensive experience to support you and help build your business. We are committed to serving all aspects of the foodservice industry, from small independent restaurants to the world’s largest restaurant chains and everything in between.
• Breakfast: Bagels & English Muffins, Croissants, Fruit Bites & Turnovers, Biscuits & Scones
• Artisan: Crusty European Baguettes & Rolls, Ciabatta Rolls, Artisan Rolls & Loaves, Pretzel Buns, Sourdough Loaves & Buns
• Traditional: Loaf Breads, Buns & Rolls, Specialty Buns, Sandwich Thins, Dinner Rolls, Tortillas
• Sweets: Donuts, Cakes, Single Serve, Danish
Foodservice support we offer: As part of Grupo Bimbo – the largest commercial baking company in the world – we are able to leverage the scale of our global operations in more than 30 countries:
• Trend Identification
• Research & Insight Validation
• R&D Collaboration
• Global Brand Expansion
• Bringing Unique Flavors Across Borders
• Manufacturing Capabilities

Bob’s Red Mill

Foodservice Contact Name: Tim Steiner
Foodservice Contact Email:
Whole grain foodservice products we offer: Hundreds of Whole Grains, Ancient Grains, Whole Grain Stone Milled Flours and Cereals. Whole Grain Mixes, Entrees and Baking Aids. Gluten Free, Organic, Non-GMO, Kosher and Vegan Whole Grain Products. Available in Full Cases and 25 lb. Bulk Bags. GF Oat Cups for Grab-n-go and C-stores. For a Full Product List, Email:
Foodservice support we offer: National Foodservice Distribution Administration and Logistics Assistance, Regional Broker Support, Corporate and Operator Calls, Guidance from Corporate Chef, Recipe Ideas and Recipe Scaling, Product Sampling and POS Resources, Shippers/Shelves for C-Stores, Assistance with Quality Assurance Programs and Certificates, Marketing Support for Restaurant and Cafeteria Signage as well as Menu Call Outs, Customer Service and Sales Admin Support.

Cream of the west

Foodservice Contact Name: Alicia Moe
Foodservice Contact email:
Whole grain foodservice products we offer: Organic and conventional whole grain hot cereals (100% Organic 7-Grain; Roasted Wheat; Roasted 7-Grain;
Roasted Ranch Oats); a 7-grain pancake mix; a healthy snack mix and a seasoned breading mix.
Foodservice support we offer: Healthy, hearty and delicious whole grain products in bulk and in boxes/case/12.

Flowers Bakeries Foodservice

Foodservice Contact Name: Cindy Lawson
Foodservice Contact Email:
Whole grain foodservice products we offer: Flowers Bakeries Foodservice offers a full line of whole grain rich products designed specifically to meet the needs of K-12 and healthcare. From hamburger buns to hoagies the Baked 4 Schools product line offers 51% or more whole grain content in every delicious product. This premium product line includes soft breads, kaisers, biscuits, breadsticks, dinner rolls and more to meet every need for whole grain goodness.
Foodservice support we offer: Flowers Bakeries Foodservice distributes our whole grain rich line of Baked for Schools products nationally through broadline distribution. All products are fully baked and frozen, ready to thaw and serve by the operator. Our foodservice sales team is supported at market level by our national broker partner. Product information and support materials are available


Foodservice Contact Name: Loretta Duncan
Foodservice Contact Email:
Whole grain foodservice products we offer: We offer a wide assortment of pure whole grains: quinoa (black, white, and red), freekeh, Israeli couscous, amaranth, barley (black and white), bulgur wheat, wild rice (grades A+ to C), brown basmati rice, Colusari™ Red Rice, jasmine rice (white and red), purple Thai rice, short-grain brown rice, Sprouted Sienna Red™ Rice, Nerone Italian black rice, puffed brown rice, and puffed wild rice. We also offer an exclusive assortment of boutique whole grain blends.
Foodservice support we offer: Our culinary team is comprised of four world-class chefs who serve our customers through product education and menu development support. We also develop and execute product-based marketing strategies and create associated collateral. Complete information on our products (including preparation instructions and recipe inspiration) can be found at

King arthur baking company

Foodservice Contact Name: Mike McLain
Foodservice Contact Email:
Whole grain foodservice products we offer: Organic hard and soft wheat berries, organic rye berries, organic cracked wheat, organic multigrain blend, organic yellow corn meal and grits, organic whole rye flour, organic whole spelt flour, organic sprouted ancient grains flour, organic whole grain sprouted wheat flour, sprouted white whole wheat flour, organic whole wheat flour, organic white whole wheat flour, organic whole pastry flour, whole wheat flour, white whole wheat flour.
Foodservice support we offer: We offer our items in 5 – 50 lb. bags. We can help you troubleshoot your problems or improve existing formulas and procedures. Our sales team consists of professional bakers with the experience to help your business. King Arthur flours adhere to the tightest tolerances in the milling industry. This guarantees consistency in performance and a perfect final product every time. In addition to providing the highest quality flour of unparalleled consistency, our mission also includes helping people become better bakers through education and inspiring fellowship among people through the creative joy of baking. Call King Arthur Flour today at 877.KA.FLOUR and we’ll put you in touch with one of our bakery/foodservice sales professionals.



Foodservice Contact Name: Hunter Goldberg
Foodservice Contact Email:
Whole grain foodservice products we offer: We offer more than 25 whole grain
products for food service. All of our pastas, raviolis, prepared meals, pizza
crusts and dough balls, buns rolls and flours are whole grain certified and
available in food service case packs. We have food service customers
nationwide including restaurants, hotels, sports and other venues, corporate
campuses, schools and hospitals proudly serve many of our food items.
Foodservice support we offer: We work with our FS customers to make sure they
understand how to properly serve gluten free and dairy free foods in their
offerings, including training and signage if needed. We also provide social
media support to drive traffic.​

specialty soya and grains alliance

Foodservice Contact Name: Eric Wenberg
Foodservice Contact Email:
Whole grain foodservice products we offer: Popcorn and whole grain flours
Foodservice support we offer: Our processors offer fully identity-preserved products and can package in various sizes upon request.

Sunnyland mills

Foodservice Contact Name: Mike Orlando
Foodservice Contact Email:
Whole grain foodservice products we offer: Sunnyland Mills offers Quick Cooking Whole Grains. Our line of products includes Bulgur Wheat in 4 distinct grinds, Organic Bulgur Wheat, Organic Kamut® Khorasan Bulgur, and Whole Wheat Berries.
Foodservice support we offer: We offer samples and help in recipe support from our database of over 350 recipes. 

To Your Health Sprouted Flour Co.


Foodservice Contact Name: Customer Service
Foodservice Contact Email:
Whole grain foodservice products we offer: All Organic Sprouted: Amaranth, Ancient Grain Baking Mix, Barley, Brown Rice, Einkorn, Gluten-Free Baking Mix, Granola, KAMUT®, Millet, Oats, Popcorn, Purple Corn, Quinoa, Red Wheat, Rye, Sorghum, Spelt, White Wheat, Yellow Corn
Foodservice support we offer: We provide over 50 different organic sprouted products. Whole grains are transformed into a living food when they are sprouted. Sprouting increases the vitamins, enzymes, and minerals in grains and it breaks down a portion of the starches into simple sugars which also aids digestion. You can substitute sprouted flour for conventional flour cup-for-cup in most recipes. There are only subtle differences in low-fat recipes, such as in some yeasted breads that would require slightly more liquid than your original recipe lists. We are here to make your baking experience a pleasure. Peace, Love, & Sprouted Flour Power!