Good Grains for a Good Cause

Our Whole Grains Month theme for 2017 is Good Grains for a Good Cause. Nominate your favorite charity to win cases and cases of whole grain foods. Any charity that addresses food insecurity as a major part of its mission qualifies. These organizations do wonderful work, and we want to help. 

Starting on August 15, you can fill out the basics on your charity using our webform, so we can learn about the great work they’re doing. Don’t forget to give us contact information for someone at the charity and for you, the entry-submitter, so we can notify you both in the lucky event that your favorite charity wins!

BONUS: If you also upload a picture to the entry form showing how you’ve donated whole grains to a good cause, your submission will be entered twice to increase your odds. 

If you’re a Whole Grains Council member company that would like to donate products for this campaign, contact Caroline at

Resources to Help You Celebrate Whole Grains Month

Download our Whole Grains Month Media Kit

Includes downloadable, social media-friendly graphics, sample Tweets and sample social media posts.

Lead a Whole Grain Grocery Store Tour

Available in English and Spanish

Pass out our handouts

Handouts cover a range of topics, including understanding whole grains, whole grain cooking tips, health benefits, and much more. Some available in Spanish