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Thousands of products in every supermarket aisle from breads to waffles now bear the Whole Grain Stamp, to help consumers identify foods with significant amounts of whole grain ingredients.

Although membership in the Whole Grains Council includes many different benefits, the ability to use the Stamp on qualifying products is often one of the main reasons new members join the WGC.

How to Get Started with the Stamp

Companies who would like to use the Whole Grain Stamp must follow these steps:

  1. First, carefully review the appropriate Stamp Usage Guide listed below to fully understand the rules of the Stamp Program, and to determine which of your products may qualify to use the Whole Grain Stamp. It may also be helpful at this time to review our Manufacturer FAQ page.
  2. Join the Oldways Whole Grains Council, if you haven’t done so already. You can learn more about costs and benefits here, or go directly to our online application. Once you file an application, you’ll hear back from us quickly, with next steps.
  3. Sign and return a Stamp Agreement Form, a legal document we’ll send you attesting that you have carefully read the appropriate Stamp Usage Guide and will observe all the rules and standards of the Stamp program. You will receive your member account password after you’ve returned this legal document.
  4. Fill out a Product Registration Form online for each and every product on which you hope to use the Stamp. Products must be approved BEFORE using the Stamp.
  5. We will notify you by email within 1-2 weeks if your product has been approved. At this point, you may download the appropriate Stamp Graphics from the password-protected area of this website, or request them from us (see below).

Stamp Usage Guides

CAREFULLY REVIEW the Stamp Usage Guide that applies to your products:

Downloading Hi-Res Stamp Graphics Online

Once your membership is fully paid and we have received your signed Stamp Agreement Form, you will be able to log-in to the password-protected Members Only area of the WGC website. There, under My Account, you’ll find a link saying Download Stamp Graphics, giving you access to the following Whole Grain Stamp graphics:

  • US standard Whole Grain Stamps (for most products sold in the US)
  • US FSIS Whole Grain Stamps (for US products containing meat and poultry, and subject to FSIS approval)
  • Canadian Whole Grain Stamps (bilingual French/English for use in Canada)
  • English International Whole Grain Stamps (for products sold in English-speaking countries outside the US and Canada)
  • Spanish Whole Grain Stamps (for products sold in Spanish-speaking countries)
  • Portuguese Whole Grain Stamps (for products sold in Portuguese-speaking countries)

You can download a collection of Whole Grain Stamps in a ZIP file, then unZIP them to access the individual vector graphic files.

Other Whole Grain Stamp Graphics

If you need Whole Grain Stamps in other languages than those shown above, contact Vik Bensen ( or 617-896-4810) .