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We want to help you tell restaurants and foodservice operators about the product development and other support services you offer to them.

Do you have culinary staff who can develop recipes? Food technologists who can create just the right bun or tortilla? Do you invite customers to your Innovation Center for collaborative development? Will your chefs come educate their chefs and share tips for getting the most from whole grains?

Many of our members are doing a wonderful job of supporting whole grains in foodservice – and we want to shout it from the rooftops. Read on, to learn how our Foodservice Directory works.

What goes in the WGC Foodservice Directory?

  • Each WGC member gets a free basic listing, which you can fill in online here. The basic listing includes contact information and up to 300 words combined for products and services. Basic listings stay up indefinitely; you may update them at any time.

  • Premium listings cost an extra $500 per year, and allow up to 1000 words combined for products and services. Premium listings are valid for one year. 

How will potential customers find my listing?

We’ll constantly update the Directory, and make it available online. Whenever your potential customers reach out to us looking for resources and information about products or services that might be available to them, we’ll direct them to this webpage.

File your entry online today. For questions or to arrange for a premium listing, contact Caroline Sluyter ( or 617-896-4832).