The Whole Grains Council salutes pioneering restaurants and foodservice outlets everywhere that have added whole grain options to their menus. We’ve listed those we know about on our website, and are adding more all the time. Check back often, when you’re hungry.

Restaurant and Foodservice Lists

What You Can Do

You can help make more whole grains available, in more restaurants if you:

  • Notify the WGC (email Kelly Toups) about other restaurants serving whole grains, so we can help the world’s whole-grain lovers find them. This list is not comprehensive or complete, and we welcome more additions.

  • Show your support, by giving these restaurants your business, and buying their whole grain dishes. These dishes will disappear from menus if they don’t sell well – so their future is in our hands!

  • Just Ask. Whenever you visit a restaurant, ask “Do you have any whole grain bread?” or “May I have whole grain pasta instead?” or “Could I substitute brown rice?” You’ll be surprised how often restaurants have whole grain options that just aren’t mentioned on the menu.

  • Hand out Report Cards. You can reward restaurants that serve whole grains – and give a gentle nudge to those not yet offering whole grain options – by handing out our Whole Grain Report Cards. Click here to download a page of 3 report cards.

More Healthy Dining Options

Whole grains are only one part of eating well while eating out. Visit the Healthy Dining Finder website if you’d like to find restaurants in your area (U.S. only) that offer dishes that are both healthy and delicious.