Now, most of you know me as the Whole Grains Council resident quinoa eater/fanatic but allow me to let you in on a little secret: when I’m not munching on quinoa chocolate, quinoa cookies, quinoa chicken fingers … (you get the picture), I’m eating oatmeal. A big steaming bowl of oatmeal. Sometimes with a handful of blueberries, sometimes with a little banana or a scoop of peanut butter. My day doesn’t start until I’ve got that rib-sticking, warm, chewy, hearty bowl of happiness in my belly. But that’s where it ends: at the breakfast table…until now that is!

An intriguing new restaurant has just opened in New York that takes oatmeal to a new level.  Oat Meals, an all oatmeal restaurant (and we mean all) serves everything from sweet to savory. Have you ever put bacon and cheese on your oatmeal? What about gorgonzola and truffle oil? You can order one of the amazing combinations concocted by the brains behind Oat Meals, such as the Papa Bear or the Baby Bear (how cute is that?) or you can mix and match the many toppings including dulce de leche, nutella, and jam for you sweets-lovers,  or bacon, veggie bacon, gruyere and balsamic glaze for those savory-inclined oatmeal lovers. We’re probably not the first to say it, but this is not only brilliant but innovative and a giant leap for getting whole grains on every plate! An entire restaurant created around a hearty bowl of whole grains is right up our Whole Grains Council alley, after all.  

Have we mentioned the health benefits of eating oatmeal lately? Well, just in case you’ve forgotten, here are a few tidbits of trivia that will have you stuck on oatmeal for good.  It lowers cholesterol, it boosts your immune system (hello flu season!), it stabilizes blood sugar and of course it’s packed full of fiber and antioxidants. You know what that means: it will keep you full longer, particularly when you add protein like peanut butter, bacon, veggie bacon, cheese and nuts. Voila, the perfect meal for any time of the day! Thanks to Oat Meals (we’re back to the restaurant now), heart healthy grain isn’t just for breakfast anymore. 

When I heard about this I just had to share it right away, even though Oatmeal Month doesn’t start for three more weeks. Anyway, I figured you might need a little planning time to work up a trip to NYC during January and visit this place for yourself…I’m already packing my bags! (Mallory)



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