Popcorn is slated to be the Top Snack of 2013 (according to a recent article in Time magazine), but it’s not alone: healthy whole grain snacks are taking the supermarkets by storm. With over half of Americans (53%) snacking two or three times a day, picking healthier snacks is an important goal. Is snacking always a terrible thing? Not if you pick the right snacks. In fact, a new study from France shows that people who divided their normal breakfast into four “mini meals” or snacks throughout the morning ate less at lunch. So bring on the whole grain snacks – as long as they’re healthy in salts, sugars and fats, too.

Manufacturers are looking beyond borders and convention for what’s next; with Asian, Latin and Mediterranean influences, everything from popcorn to multigrain chips is getting a flavor and nutritional boost to meet the preferences of every kind of snacker.

Rather than just tell you all about these bite-sized treats, our team — taking this trend very seriously — sampled several new whole grain and multigrain snacks with intriguing names like Baked Jalapeno Cheddar Brown Rice Puffs, Olive & Caper Tortilla Chips, and Wasabi Brown Rice Chips.

The result of our taste testing? An overwhelming chorus of ooohs and aaahhs! These snacks combine whole grain nutrition with natural and delicious globally-influenced flavors to satisfy even the most health-conscious of my Oldway’s colleagues. To make them even healthier, we enjoyed them with some of our favorite healthy accompaniments like edamame hummus and mega-veggie salsas.

If you’re planning a Super Bowl party, check out what’s new in whole grain snacks, by visiting our newly renovated Find Stamped Products list. Then search under the expanded category of Savory & Sweet Snacks including: popcorn, tortilla chips, puffed grains, crackers and crisps. (link) While you’re there, look at our other categories too. Even though we love the new whole grain snacks, getting a good variety of intact grains in your diet is also important!  -Karen

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