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In what seems like an entirely different world, last week is when we were set to take off for Rio de Janeiro to host our biennial Whole Grains Conference. While we wish we were reminiscing about our time exploring Brazil’s most delicious whole grain specialties, we haven’t wasted a moment with the what-could-have-been’s! In honor of our postponed conference, check out what we’ve been up to below.


We at the WGC have been busily churning out some great content so that you all can learn about whole grains from the comfort and safety of your own homes.

  • Cultivating Cultural Awareness through FoodIn this upcoming CACFP “Saturday Summit,” Oldways President Sara Baer-Sinnott and Coleen Donnelly, Corporate Chef K-12/Higher Education at InHarvest will explore cultural models of healthy eating from around the world, with practical tips, insight, and whole grain recipes for diverse populations, with a special focus on Gen Z. (Saturday, October 3 at 1:45pm ET)
  • Understanding Whole Grain Processing and Impacts on NutritionIn this upcoming session sponsored by the General Mills Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition, Dr. Caleigh Sawicki of Tufts University and Dr. Eric Decker, of the University of Massachusetts will share updates on the health benefits of whole grains and why whole grains were an especially important part of the report of the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Scientific Advisory Committee, as well as research on how various processing methods impact the health of whole grains. (Thursday, November 19 at 3pm ET)
  • Sourdough BootCamp: A fan favorite, Dr. Erin McKenney, takes you on a tour of what a sourdough starter actually is, how different whole grain flours impact the microorganisms, and what to do with it! (Available on demand)
  • Transforming Your Taste Buds: In this webinar, Dr. Keith Williams shares some evidence-based techniques to help make picky eaters a thing of the past, with a focus on how to apply these lessons to increase whole grain consumption across all age groups. (Available on demand)
  • Wheat Sensitivities- Sorting Fact from Fiction: Dr. Lisa Kissing Kucek explores the differences between ancient, heritage and modern wheats and how they may impact immunoreactivity compounds, which processing methods show promise with regards to wheat sensitivities, as well as tips for producing healthy whole grain foods that people of all backgrounds and health concerns can enjoy. (Available on demand)

We aren’t the only ones with great online content! The Cereals and Grains Conference is happening virtually this year, and we just caught wind of Food in Uncertain Times, an amazing two-day conference from Chatham University. Make sure to sign up if you’re interested!

Government Guidance and Professional Insight

We always have our finger on the pulse of studies published in the grain world and we remain active and vigilant ensuring grains are written about in accurate and meaningful ways. In our July 2020 official comments to the USDA and HHS, we strongly affirmed the conclusion of the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Scientific Advisory Committee report, which identifies whole grains “with almost the same consistency as vegetables and fruits as beneficial for the outcomes examined, suggesting that these 3 plant-based food groups are fundamental constituents of a healthy dietary pattern.” Our September 2020 Letter to the Editor in the journal Public Health Nutrition reinforces the importance of the Whole Grain Stamp and its role in reducing consumer confusion. We also pushed back against whole grain labeling myths to help shoppers better understand what ‘whole wheat’ actually means.

In the Kitchen

To inspire your quarantine cooking, Oldways — the parent nonprofit of the Whole Grains Council — created a Heritage Diets Meal plan. At the beginning of each month, subscribers are emailed a dietitian-prepared plan filled with recipes, grocery shopping lists, and tips that remove the guesswork in shopping for and preparing flavorful, nutritious, budget-friendly meals every week. While whole grains feature predominately each month, October is dedicated to them! Sign up today to receive October’s plan in your inbox.

To inspire your cooking even more, check out our partnership with What Unites Us and watch Heritage Cooking Classes online! This week we learned about bread baking with new techniques from America Test Kitchen’s Andrew Janjigian. All live webinars are recorded so you can enjoy them at your leisure.

Let us know what content you would like to see from us below! (Abby)


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I love the webinars - I haven't had time to watch the sourdough webinar but it is on my list! More of those type of activities and some interactive cooking classes would be wonderful!

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