Our next conference is scheduled for fall 2018. If you’re planning your 2018 marketing budget, make sure to plan ahead to take part in this conference.

As usual, this conference will feature Oldways’ trademark mix of influential scientists, health professionals, chefs, and media, and will be a much-anticipated event. We urge you to plan your marketing budget now, to get maximum visibility as a sponsor at this event.

Valuable Payback on Your
Conference Sponsorship

Companies who sponsor our conferences derive extra benefits that provide an excellent return on their marketing investment. These benefits for your company include:

  1. Up-close-and-personal access to top media, for your company and your products. For less money than you’d spend on a single print ad, you can invest in a sponsorship that lets you eat lunch with an editor from publications like Good Housekeeping or Cooking Light, or with an AP writer or top blogger. Your display table puts your products front and center; your logo on conference materials reinforces your brand; and your foods served at meals and breaks provide an unparalleled opportunity for media and key influencers to sample your wares and spread the word to others.

  2. The opportunity to collaborate on messages important to you. While we determine the overall conference theme and flow, we invite our key sponsors to suggest potential non-commercial speakers and topics that might also enhance the program. That’s why it’s important to commit early to sponsorship, before the program is final.

  3. Goodwill among health professionals, policymakers and other important attendees. If it’s important to you to be known as a company that believes strongly in healthy products, make your values manifest by being a whole grains conference sponsor.

  4. Competitive advantage. You’ll stand out if you’re a sponsor and your major competitors aren’t. If your competitors have already decided to be sponsors, your sponsorship becomes even more important, to assert your comparative market strength and your commitment to healthy products.

Delivering a strong message in support of the value of whole grains is especially important in a time of economic uncertainty. We know that WGC members face many competing demands on their marketing budgets, and we pledge that your sponsorship will be money well spent.

We offer sponsorship opportunities for every level of interest and every budget. Standard “packages” are outlined below, but we also stand ready to customize a program and a budget that meets your unique marketing goals. Contact Caroline Sluyter at 617-896-4832 to brainstorm the possibilities.

We hope you will review the benefits and costs (below), and will decide to invest in Oldways’ proven track record of developing accountable and unique events. In the last two decades, we’ve organized more than 50 conferences and educational programs not only in the US but also from China to Chile and Italy to Iceland.

Past Sponsors’ Testimonials

Our previous whole grains conferences in November 2004, January 2006, November 2007, April 2009, January 2011, October 2012, November 2014 and September 2016 are compelling proof of Oldways’ ability to positively position healthy foods like yours for influential media. Here are a few quotes from satisfied sponsors of our earlier whole grains conferences:

“As a company sponsor I was very impressed with the amount of great business contacts that this conference provided.  I got more qualified leads at the 2009 Whole Grains Conference than I expected or have ever obtained at any other conference.  The format, speakers and meal setups provided many opportunities to meet the people that I wanted to meet in a comfortable and inviting environment.  Thank you Whole Grains Council and Oldways.”
Mike Orlando, Sunnyland Mills

“ I always learn so much from the whole grains conferences, and I find it is a great way to meet others who are passionate about the topic. As one of the original whole grain companies, Quaker is always happy to be a part of this wonderfully diverse program.”
Lisa Carlson, The Quaker Oats Company

“What a great conference! Best yet. The speakers were well-prepared and came from so many different perspectives. I always appreciate these events because they build alliances, inspire understanding and encourage open-mindedness.”
Maria Emmer-Aanes, Nature’s Path Organic Foods

“We truly appreciate all the exposure our breads received. It was a fantastic conference and certainly showed a great deal of hard, hard work by all of you at Oldways.”
Joan Rubschlager, Rubschlager Breads

“USA Rice enjoyed participating in this important conference and connecting with a diverse audience genuinely committed to promoting healthful eating with whole grains. The conference was a great success, much to the credit of you and all the folks at Oldways/ Whole Grains Council who worked hard to deliver a wonderful program along with delicious and creative meals.”
Judy Rusignuolo, USA Rice Federation

Sponsorship Benefits and Costs

The table below shows basic sponsorship costs and benefits. (More details on each benefit can be found below the table.) Scroll down even further and you can see our “Supporter” opportunities, especially suited to smaller companies.

These benefits are just a starting point. We look forward to working with you to make your sponsorship reflective of your company’s unique marketing goals. Together, we can be very creative!

Event Sponsor
Project Sponsor
Charter Sponsor
Media exposure yes yes yes yes
Submit a speaker proposal no yes yes yes
1 2 3 4
Sponsor table 1 table 1 table 2 tables 2 tables
in gift bags
yes yes yes yes
Products: at
1 break 1 break OR
1 meal
1 break AND
1 meal
2 breaks AND
1 meal

Signage at

Name Name & Logo Name & Logo Banner
Program Ad ¼ page ½ page ¾ page Full page
Foodservice Directory ¼ page ½ page ¾ page Full page

Payment: Deposit (half payment) is due on commitment; balance due by September 1, 2018.

Explanation of Oldways Conference Sponsor benefits

Media Oldways handpicks the media according to their interest in writing about new whole grain products, and learning about innovative developments in academia, government and industry.
Submit a proposal for a speaker presentation Within our agenda, there’s flexibility to add a recognized expert, a chef demo, or an additional key topic – especially if we can work with you in the early stages of our conference planning. Presentations will not be brand-specific or “salesy” and must contribute key information to the conference.
Comp Registrations Conference sessions feature presentations by the world’s leading nutrition and health researchers. Your major sponsorship permits one or more of your company’s representatives to attend these sessions.
Sponsor Table Sponsor tables are located in the break room, so that conference attendees can easily browse your products. Though it’s not required, sponsors get the best results when they send a representative to present their products. See photos of Sponsor Tables from past events.
Gift Bags Every conference registrant receives a Gift Bag filled with product samples, coupons and information. Your sponsorship allows you to add your contribution to the bag.
Meals and Breaks Send us your product… and we’ll incorporate it into the gourmet conference menu. For key sponsors, we’ll even ask one of our celebrity chefs to design a new dish to highlight your product in a cooking demo! Our goal is for conference attendees to taste a wide variety of delicious whole grains.
Signage All sponsors’ names figure prominently on conference signs. Prominence increases with sponsorship level.
Program The conference program contains an agenda, list of participants and useful background information. Many participants keep Oldways programs for long-term reference. The program book is also sent to additional media who are unable to attend the conference. 

Another Option: Conference Supporters

We also have targeted opportunities for companies that would like to contribute to the success of this important conference, without being full sponsors. The names of conference Supporters will be noted in conference PR, on conference signage, and in the conference program binder, and all Supporters will have a small area of shared display space on our Supporters’ Table.

Support Option How this benefits the conference Cost # available
Speaker/Chef Supporter Covers travel expenses for key speakers and
culinary masters to share their expertise.
$1,500 15
Door Prize Supporter Supports a door-prize (which you also donate) that will be given away – with much acclaim! – during the conference. $1000 4
Program Book Supporter Supports the creation of useful reference
materials for the program binder.
$750 10
General Supporter Your contributions help defray general costs,
to make this the best conference ever.
$500 unlimited

Payment: Payment is due on commitment. Note that some opportunities are limited and are available on a first come, first served basis.

Contact us today to arrange your sponsorship or supporting contribution

Please contact Caroline Sluyter at 617-896-4832 (

We’ll advise you on the most cost-effective way to leverage your marketing budget to successful sponsorship of our next whole grains conference.