The winning charity, drawn at random in our Good Grains for a Good Cause sweepstakes, will receive the following whole grain products directly from the manufacturers:

Donor Company Whole Grain Foods Donated
Alpine Valley 1 case of whole grain bread
Among Friends Baking Mixes 1 case of whole grain mixes
Back to Nature 4 cases of Dark Chocolate & Oats Cookies
Barbara’s Bakery 1 case of whole grain food
Bob’s Red Mill 3 cases of whole grain muffin mix
Carl Brandt / Mestemacher 96 loaves of whole grain bread
Catallia Mexican Foods 2 cases of whole grain tortillas
Copak/Mother’s Farms 2 cases of tortilla chips
Dr. Kracker 2 cases of whole grain crackers
Freekehlicious 2 cases of freekeh
Frontier Soups 2 cases soup (1 bulgur, 1 wheatberries)
Hain Celestial / Arrowhead Mills 1 case of whole grain food
HomeFree  1 case of double chocolate chip mini cookies
Indian Harvest 1 case of whole grains
Kellogg’s 5 cases of whole grain cereals and snacks
KLN Family Brands 1 case of whole grain snacks
MagNoodles 3 cases of organic smart pasta
Marion’s Smart Delights 1 case of allergy-friendly, gluten-free whole grain cookie / muffin mixes
Mary’s Gone Crackers 1 case of crackers
Open Road Snacks 4 cases of popcorn
Ozery Bakery / Pita Break 1 case of  whole grain bread
Pamela’s Products 1 case of gluten-free whole grain baking mixes
Popsalot 1 case of popcorn
Rubschlager Baking 1 case of  whole grain bread
Severance Foods / Pan de Oro 2 cases of whole grain Tortilla Chips
Silver Palate Kitchens 1 case Grain Berry Bran Flakes Cereal, 1 case Silver Palate Thick & Rough Oatmeal
Upfront Foods 1 case of granola
Vita Spelt / Purity Foods 1 case of whole grain angel hair pasta
Whole Foods Market
Rocky Mountain Bakehouse
1 case of whole grain bread

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