Whole grain products are streaming onto – and off of – grocery shelves, as more Americans enjoy whole grain breads, cereals, crackers, bagels and other products at home.

Yet, even though 64% of Americans say they are trying to eat more whole grains, whole grain choices are often impossible to find in most restaurants and cafeterias. The “Just Ask for Whole Grains” conference held in Kansas City November 5-7, 2007 had as its goal to make sure that there is at least one whole grain choice everywhere Americans eat.

Tour Highlights of the 2007 Conference

You can take a virtual tour of conference highlights below:

1. Full Program of Speakers and Sessions
Most speakers’ presentations are available as downloads on this page.

2. Conference Photo Sampler

3. Conference Summary Press Release

4. Reference materials from the Conference Binder
You can download the entire Conference Binder, or individual sections, according to your needs.
(Download full conference binder now 3.4M PDF)

Roster of Speakers and Organizers (Download now 180K PDF)
• Bios of all speakers
• Abstracts of their presentations

Whole Grain Momentum (Download now 352K PDF)
• Data from surveys showing consumers’ positive attitudes to whole grains
• Research showing taste is no longer a barrier
• Data on large increases in whole grain product launches and flour sales
• Dietary Guidelines country to country calling for whole grain consumption
• US health organizations recommending whole grain consumption
• Consumers “Just Ask” for whole grains
• Examples of health professionals doing creative whole grain promotions

Whole Grains in Restaurants and Schools (Download now 2.1M PDF)
• Data from USDA showing where our food dollars are spent
• List of national chain restaurants serving whole grains daily
• New WGC programs for restaurants
• Whole Grains Challenge award winners, including Grand Winner Virginia Tech’s entry
• HealthyDiningFinder.com – a force for healthier restaurant choices
• Whole Grains data from School Nutrition Assn.’s 2007 Trends Report
• US Government guidelines for whole grains in schools
• A collection of two dozen whole grain recipes for school foodservice
• List of Culinary Advisors to the Whole Grains Council

Whole Grains and Health (Download now 236K PDF)
• Whole Grains Made Easy fact sheet
• Recent health studies on whole grains
• Summary of whole grains health claims in the US, UK and Sweden
• Review of US policies on whole grains
• List of Scientific Advisors to the Whole Grains Council

The Whole Grains Council and WG Stamp (Download now 480K PDF)
• Mission and history of the Whole Grains Council
• WGC programs to help consumers find whole grains
• WGC programs to help manufacturers create delicious products
• WGC programs to help the media write compelling & accurate stories
• Overview of the WG Stamp program and stats on 1400 products using Stamp

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Thanks to our Sponsors

The following companies were sponsors of the Just Ask for Whole Grains conference. Our thanks for their support. If you’d like to know more about these companies, click on the names to visit their websites:

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Event Sponsors
King Arthur Flour Company

Bob’s Red Mill
ConAgra Mills
General Mills
Harvest Time Bread
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The Schwan Food Company
Snyder’s of Hanover
Sunnyland Mills
USA Rice Federation