Whole Grain Stamp Program Enhanced
To Serve Consumers Better

Boston MA — April 19, 2006- The Whole Grains Council today announced an expansion of its popular Whole Grain Stamp program, which helps harried shoppers quickly and easily find whole grain products. The familiar black-and-gold Stamp will now state the number of grams of whole grain ingredients included in each serving of a product – while also reminding consumers that 48g or more of whole grains are recommended daily under the 2005 Dietary Guidelines.

“Consumers need to have a sense that they’re making progress in meeting the Dietary Guidelines,” said WGC chairman Jeff Dahlberg. “This new stage in our Whole Grain Stamp program will help consumers make wise choices at the supermarket.”

The enhanced program keeps all of the best elements of the Whole Grain Stamp program, while offering new benefits. “We’re keeping the same eye-catching graphic that’s currently seen on over 600 products,” said K. Dun Gifford, president of Oldways Preservation Trust, the parent organization of the Whole Grains Council. “We’re also keeping the same tie-in with the Dietary Guidelines, and the same strict standards for qualifying products.”

As always, the Whole Grain Stamp will be used only on products that provide at least half a “Pyramid serving” of whole grains. This requirement makes counting grams unnecessary: if consumers choose products with the Stamp for all six of their grain servings, they’re guaranteed to reach or exceed the recommended minimum of 48g per day of whole grains.

Yet, the addition of a “score” on all Stamped products means that consumers will be able to compare products more readily. “Previously, our top rating of ‘Excellent Source’ denoted at least 16g – a full Pyramid serving – of whole grain content,” explained Cynthia Harriman, Director of Food and Nutrition Strategies for Oldways and the Whole Grains Council. “But some products have twice that level of whole grain content or more. Now consumers can decide just what level of whole grain content best suits their taste.”

The new enhanced Whole Grain Stamp artwork will be available to WGC members in May, and will start to appear on grocery shelves soon thereafter. Lively interest in the new features from manufacturers indicates that the Stamp will soon be used on even more products. Click here to see a list of products currently using the Whole Grain Stamp.

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