New Enhanced Graphic Revealed for
Phase II of Whole Grain Stamp

Boston, June 9, 2006 – The Whole Grains Council has launched Phase II of its Whole Grain Stamp program, by unveiling an enhanced Whole Grain Stamp design. The new design retains the same increasingly-familiar black-and-gold graphics as the original Stamp, but the words have been changed to offer more information to consumers.

“Each Stamp now declares the whole grain content of the food inside the package, such as ‘27g or more per serving’,” explained Jeff Dahlberg, Chairman of the Whole Grains Council. To remind consumers how this amount contributes to their daily needs for whole grain, text directly below the Stamp says, “Eat 48g or More of Whole Grains Daily.” This information replaces the former wording of “Good Source” and “Excellent Source” of whole grains.

“Our goal is to help consumers find delicious whole grain products, while educating them about the Dietary Guidelines’ recommendation for consuming at least 48g daily of whole grains,” said Cynthia Harriman, Director of Food and Nutrition Strategies for the Whole Grains Council and its parent organization, non-profit food issues think tank Oldways.

Standards for qualifying products remain the same as in Phase I. Products must contain at least 8g (half a “Pyramid serving’) of whole grain to use the Stamp. Stamps on products with at least 16g (a full ‘Pyramid serving’) of whole grain may also add ‘100%’ if all the grain in the product is whole grain. The new graphics will be available this month to members of the Whole Grains Council. Manufacturers will phase in the new design as they use up existing packaging inventory over the coming months.

The Whole Grain Stamp has become familiar to many consumers. In a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive for Uncle Ben’s, 51% of consumers said that they would be more likely to buy a product bearing the Whole Grain Stamp. Originally introduced in January of 2005, the Stamps now appear on over 650 products from 61 companies, on grocery shelves across the nation. “Consumers trust the Stamp,” said K. Dun Gifford, President of Oldways, as he commented on the success of Phase I. “The Stamp makes it easy for harried shoppers to find healthy whole grains – and the new Phase II design makes product comparisons even easier.”

The Whole Grain Stamp (on the left in image above) will be used in “denominations” from 8g upward. The 100% Whole Grain Stamp (pictured on right) is for products with at least 16g of whole grain, and where ALL the grain is whole grain. Consumers will see a different gram number on each whole grain product, as the new Stamp design starts appearing soon on products everywhere.

For more information or to obtain a hi-resolution graphic of the new Stamp design, contact:

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