The Brits say “lorry” while Americans say “truck.” “Crisps” there are “potato chips” here. But on both sides of the Atlantic, when consumers are looking for whole grains, they say “Whole Grain Stamp.”

British Bakels Leads the Way

British Bakels, one of the UK’s leading ingredients suppliers to the food and bakery markets, is launching the first ever product outside of the USA and Canada to carry the US Whole Grains Council Stamp of Approval. New Multi Wholegrain bread concentrate, the company’s first Stamped product, makes it easy for bakers across the UK to quickly bake up a crusty loaf of whole grain bread.

Says Joy Kellaway, Bakels’ marketing manager, craft sector: ““We are thrilled to be the first company outside North America to work with the Whole Grains Council. We believe their programme will one day be as large here as it is in the US.”

Kellaway continued, “We are providing our customers with shelf talkers, posters, consumer education leaflets and, most important of all, the Stamp that they can use on their products. We’ll be promoting our links with the Whole Grains Council and using their expertise which has helped drive the ‘phenomenal’ growth of wholegrain in the US.”

International Interest Quickens

In November 2007 at our “Just Ask for Whole Grains” conference in Kansas City, the WGC held an International Workshop to trade ideas about whole grain education and promotion, with leaders from other countries. Shortly thereafter, year-long discussions with Canadian regulatory officials successfully concluded, and the Whole Grain Stamp was launched in Canada.

British Bakels stepped up to the plate in January 2008, in a series of conversations exploring the possibility of introducing the Stamp to the UK. We are delighted that Bakels moved with such speed and decisiveness, and has shown such a high level of commitment to educating the public about the health benefits of whole grain products – while providing a delicious product.

Next Stop? Finland

On June 13, Cynthia Harriman, Director of Food & Nutrition Strategies for Oldways and the Whole Grains Council, will address the Groupement des Associations Meunières de l’Union européenne (European Millers Association) in Helsinki about successful education and marketing strategies for whole grains.

We look forward to the opportunity to listen and learn, and discover how we can continue to be helpful in efforts to bring whole grains to people everywhere.