This page shows a gallery of photos of different kinds of millets.


Pearl Millet Growing in a Field

Pearl millet originated in Africa and is still grown extensively there. It’s also grown in the southern United States, largely as pasture.


Foxtail Millet, Just Harvested

Millet is often left in piles for a few days. As it begins to ferment, the hulls loosen, making it easier to thresh.

Foxtail millet is grown primarily in eastern Asia; in the U.S. it’s grown in the Dakotas, Colorado and Nebraska.


Proso Millet Growing

Proso millet was introduced into the eastern U.S. in the 18th century, and is today grown largely in the Dakotas, Colorado and Nebraska.


Finger Millet Growing in a Field

Finger millet gets its name from the hand-like arrangement of its pannicles. It’s widely grown in India, where it’s called ragi.

Close-up of Pearl Millet
Close-up of Foxtail Millet
Close-up of Proso Millet
Close-up of Finger Millet

Proso Millet Grains

Millet commonly sold in the United States consists of small, round, yellowish seeds.


Millet Flakes

Like most other whole grains, millet can also be purchased in different forms such as flakes or flour, as well as intact grains.

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Grains Growing: Pearl Millet, USDA; Foxtail Millet, iStock; Proso Millet, Kurt Stueber; Finger Millet, USDA.

Grain Closeups: all USDA.

Proso Millet Grains and Millet Flakes: iStock.