Here’s a photo gallery to help you get acquainted with teff.


Teff Growing in a Field

Teff germinates quickly and grows in a range of soils from wet to dry. Plant height varies from 25-135 cm (roughly 1-4 feet) tall.


Teff Grain Spike Close-up

Like most other grasses, teff grows on a stalk topped by a spike housing the individual grains. 


Teff Grains

Teff ranges in color from a light ivory to very dark reddish brown.


Teff with Pencil

The miniscule size of teff grains is readily evident when compared to a standard pencil.


Teff Flour

Since its grains are so small, teff can easily be ground into flour manually, as is being done here in a hut in Ethiopia.

Photos this page, from top to bottom:
1. Teff Growing – Wikimedia Commons
2. Teff Spike – USDA José Hernandez at USDA-NCRS PLANTS Database
3. Teff Grains – The Teff Company
4. Teff with Pencil –
5. Teff flour – iStock