Browse through the brief descriptions below, then contact each company directly for the materials you want.

Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods

Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods offers a double-sided, single page handout on “A Kernel of Wheat.” This page includes a complete description and graphics of the wheat kernel, detailing the different parts of the grain and their nutritional benefits. It also describes our company and the variety of whole grain products we offer. Call 800-349-2173 or visit for copies and more information on whole grains and their benefits.

Earth’s Best

Earth’s Best makes whole grain baby food. The company offers a one-page color handout about its products and the importance of whole grains for small children. Visit for more.

General Mills

The Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition reflects General Mills’ ongoing focus on health and nutrition issues. The mission of the Bell Institute and its staff of doctorate- and master-level scientists and registered dietitians is to help in the development of food products and nutrition information.

With backgrounds in nutrition science, public health, clinical nutrition and food science, Bell Institute experts are a valuable resource for business teams at General Mills, as well as for health professionals around the country. Scientists in the Bell Institute contribute to research on cereal, whole grains, micronutrients, and breakfast and publish research and scientific articles in leading peer-reviewed journals.

In addition to our involvement with research, the Bell Institute also provides support to health professional organizations, sponsors educational efforts, and develops patient education materials and continuing education programs for health professionals. It also sponsors leading speakers for professional conferences through its speaker bureau program.

View and order our health professional materials on the health benefits of whole grain, including the following, all of which are free of charge and can be ordered online at

  • “Go With the Whole Grain” educational resource

  • Professional Self-Study Guide for CPE credit

  • Consumer Education Brochure

  • Professional Fact Sheet

  • Slide Program

  • Reproducible Handouts

  • Leader Guide

Hodgson Mill

Hodgson Mill offers a tri-fold flyer explaining the health benefits of Whole Grains; this flyer is also recommended by a Certified Diabetes Educator. Go to for more information on Whole Grains or call 800-525-0177 for product samples and literature.

King Arthur Flour

The King Arthur Flour Company offers a 14 page handout on “The Story of Wheat and How It’s Milled.” Complete with graphics of the wheat berry, the booklet describes the history of wheat, ‘white’ vs. whole-grain flours and the milling process. The booklet also describes how to store flour and grains and includes a recipe as well. Call 802-649-3881 for copies.

National Barley Foods Council

The National Barley Foods Council offers free information and recipes featuring wholesome, heart-healthy barley. Download barley fact sheets and recipe fliers online at For more information, e-mail Cindy Ritter.

Quaker Oats

The Quaker Oats Company’s website at provides a wealth of health, fitness and baking information with just a click – from heart health and weight management articles to award-winning recipes and helpful baking tips. There’s even a new interactive community for sharing recipes, information and success stories. The recipe and baking section features hundreds of recipes and a special “Kids in the Kitchen” area, and interactive health tools help you calculate your BMI, calorie needs and heart rate, so you can work toward a healthier lifestyle. Whether you’re interested in lowering your cholesterol, getting fit, or managing diabetes, the Quaker Oats website has great information.

A small sample of Quaker’s educational materials can be downloaded right here on the WGC website. Available items include:

  • Quaker Oats Recipe Book. A beautiful, colorful booklet with 9 recipes, including photos of each recipe. Download 728K PDF.

  • Whole Grains Fact Sheet. A handy one-page (double-sided) overview of whole grain facts. Download 164K PDF

  • Whole Grains: The Whole Story. Another concise yet complete one-page handout on whole grains. Download 1.7M PDF.

  • Tips for Cooking and Baking with Oatmeal. A one-page handout with easy ideas for adding oatmeal when cooking and baking. Download 48K PDF

  • Managing Diabetes with a Healthy Diet brochure. Advice on how a healthy diet can help those with diabetes control blood glucose. Download 260K PDF

  • Heart Health By The Numbers. A one-page handout citing statistics about cardiovascular disease. Download 1.8M PDF.

  • Does Your Breakfast Make You Amazing? A review of selected studies showing the benefits of breakfast. Designed for health professionals – but interesting to all! Download 636K PDF.

  • Amazing Breakfast Tips and Tools. A companion piece to the professionals’ health kit above; this one is just two pages and aimed at consumers. Download 424K PDF.

Rich Products

Rich Products offers an attractive color brochure showing the parts of a whole grain, the health benefits of whole grains, and answering questions about whole white wheat. You can download the brochure directly here. (PDF 189K)


Riviana Rice offers resources for dietitians and consumers under its well-known brands.

Mahatma® Rice offers a 15-page brochure “Brown Rice Recipes for a Healthy Well-balanced Diet.” In addition to recipes, the brochure is filled with quick tips, cooking methods, and nutritional facts. Call 800-226-9522 or visit our website at

Success® Rice, the only 10 Minute Boil-in-Bag Brown Rice, offers a Brown Rice Nutritional Facts Sheet as well as a variety of one-page flyers with quick, easy, and delicious recipes using brown rice. Call 800-226-9522 or visit our website at

The colorful multi-fold brochure Nutrition Facts Made Simple includes 4 panels in English and 4 in Spanish, including useful tips in understanding Nutrition Facts Panels. Call 800-226-9522 or visit our website at

Roman Meal Bread

Roman Meal Bread suggests an “Eating Smart Living Healthy” guide for nutritious eating. Each brochure shares several key truths about whole grains while listing simple whole grain recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Order up to 50 FREE brochures at

USA Rice Federation

USA Rice Federation offers free information about the nutrition benefits of whole grain brown rice, and a searchable recipe database at There’s also a special website for foodservice at Download the brochure and a fact sheet online, or order printed copies by contacting Shaily Jariwala at 703 236 1454. (printed quantities limited).