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Day One: Wednesday January 18

The Big Picture; Whole Grains in Schools & Workplaces
Moderators: Jeff Dahlberg; Joanne Slavin, PhD, RD, Professor of Nutrition & Food Science, University of Minnesota

Welcome and Opening Remarks
K. Dun Gifford, JD, President, Oldways Preservation Trust
Jeff Dahlberg, Director of Research, National Sorghum Producers and Chair, Whole Grains Council

Whole Grains, a Year Later
Why the Dietary Guidelines support whole grains so strongly, and how these recommendations are being accepted and implemented.
Eric Hentges, PhD, Director, Center for Nutrition Promotion and Policy, USDA
(presentation available)

Where America Eats–and How this Affects Whole Grain Choices
Fascinating insights from NPD’s 20th survey of America’s eating habits
Joe Derochowski, Director of Business Development, National Eating Trends, NPD Group

Whole Grains for Kids’ Minds and Bodies
A leading pediatric specialist explains why whole grains are essential for healthy kids
Alan Greene, MD, FAAP, Pediatrician and Assistant Clinical Professor, Stanford Medical School
(presentation available)

How to Feed Your Kids More Whole Grains
Kid-friendly tips for breakfast, lunch & dinner, from an RD and bestselling author
Eileen Behan, RD, author of “Fit Kids: Raising Physically and Emotionally Strong Kids with Real Food

Easy Whole Grains for School Lunches
Cooking Demo showing how delicious whole grains can be created for foodservice, despite labor and budget constraints
Jesse Cool, chef/owner, Flea St. Café, JZ Cool Eatery and Cool Café
(recipes available)

LUNCH: Whole Grains in Schools

Where in the World are Meals Being Served?
Why schools can’t solve all our kids’ nutrition problems
K. Dun Gifford, Oldways

Transitioning Kids to Whole Grains: New Study
Results of a school-based study to encourage kids to eat more whole grains
Terri Burgess-Champoux, MS, RD, LD, University of Minnesota
(presentation available)

Successes & Challenges in Bringing Whole Grains to Schools
A case study and advice, from America’s 12th largest school district
Penny McConnell, RD, SFNS, Director of Child Nutrition, Fairfax County Public Schools, VA
(presentation available)

Whole Grains at Work: Enticing Employees & Chefs
Creative strategies for convincing everyone to try and to enjoy whole grains
Deanne Brandstetter, MDA, RD, CDN, Director of Nutrition, Compass Group of the Americas
(presentation available)

Hospital Meals: Contributing to the Recovery & not the Illness
A gourmet restaurant chef brings his passion for whole grains to the hospital
Deane Bussiere, Executive Chef, Dominican Hospital, Santa Cruz CA

GALA DINNER Celebrating Whole Grains

Day Two: Thursday January 19

Whole Grains at Home, in Supermarkets and in Restaurants
Moderators: K. Dun Gifford, Cynthia Harriman

Trust the Stamp
The Whole Grains Council’s Whole Grain Stamp on packages helps consumers find whole grain products in the grocery store.
Cynthia Harriman, Director of Food & Nutrition Strategies, Oldways
(presentation available)

Mainstreaming the Joy of Cooking & the Table
An innovative cooking program shows families that healthy cooking, including whole grains, is easy and families WILL eat whole grain foods
Jill McCauley, Proprietor, Cooking School Director and Instructor, Traditions on Chestnut in Marshfield, WI
(presentation available)

Whole Grains in Every Box
General Mills’ big leap of faith has added over a billion whole grain servings to America’s food supply.
John Haugen, VP, Health & Wellness Center of Excellence, General Mills

Siding With Whole Grains: Easy Options for Dinner
Whole grain survey results and a case study on why and how major corporations can add whole grains to their lines
Christiane Paul, Marketing Director, Knorr®-Lipton® Sides™ with Whole Grains, Unilever
(presentation available)

Whole Grains at the Restaurant Table
Cooking Demo showing how Walt Disney World® Resorts use whole grains.
Joel Schaefer, CCT, CHT, Culinary Development & Special Dietary Needs Manager, Walt Disney World® Resorts
(recipes available)

LUNCH: Splendors of Whole Grains in Restaurants

Who’s Doing What & Where are They Doing It?
Restaurant trends in whole grains, from QSR to fine dining
Sheila Cohn, RD, LD, Director of Nutrition Policy, National Restaurant Assn.
(presentation available)

Getting Whole Grains on Restaurant Menus: A Creative Approach
How a major supplier has committed to moving whole grains beyond bread and cereal for America’s leading restaurants
Sue Moore, Director of Product Development, BAMA Foods
(presentation available)

Disney Goes Whole Grain
Walt Disney World® introduces millions of visitors to whole grain dining
Joel Schaefer, Walt Disney World
(presentation available)

Fast Food Goes Whole Grain with BLIMPIE
Healthier choices come to fast food and service stations – a surprising and encouraging trend
Susan Franck, Director of Marketing & Media, BLIMPIE International
(presentation available)

Dine on your own – selected local restaurants feature whole grains

Day Three: Friday January 20

Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together to Get to 3 Servings
Moderator: Sara Baer-Sinnott, Executive VP, Oldways

Action Plan for Whole Grains: What Part Does Each of Us Play?
K. Dun Gifford, Oldways

Panel: Media’s Role in Increasing Whole Grains
Moderator: Cynthia Harriman, Oldways
• Bonnie Tandy Leblang, Ms, RD, Researcher, Writer and Syndicated columnist, Parade and Universal Syndicate
• David Feder, RD, Managing Editor, Food Processing/Wellness Foods
• Delia Hammock, RD, Nutrition Director, Good Housekeeping

Panel: Industry’s Role in Increasing Whole Grains
Moderator: Jeff Dahlberg, National Sorghum Producers
• Bob Brown, PhD, MPH, Director of Nutrition & Regulatory Affairs, Frito-Lay
• Terry Elliott, Corporate Development Manager, Roman Meal Company
• David Neuman, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Nature’s Path Foods

Panel: Supermarkets’ Role in Increasing Whole Grains
Moderator: K. Dun Gifford, Oldways
• Jane Andrews, MS, RD, Corporate Nutritionist, Wegman’s Markets
(presentation available)
• Shari Steinbach, MS, RD, Corporate Dietitian, Meijer’s Markets
(presentation available)

Panel: Restaurants’ Role in Increasing Whole Grains
Moderator: Sara Baer-Sinnott, Oldways
• Joel Schaefer, Walt Disney World
• Tim Blaise, Sr. Director of Culinary Operations, Olive Garden

Whole Grains on the GO!
Cooking Demo showing how whole grains can fit an on-the-go lifestyle.
Lorna Sass, Food writer, food historian and Grain Goddess; Author of the forthcoming book Whole Grains Every Day, Every Way
(recipes available)

LUNCH: Whole Grains to Go! (on site or boxed to go)

Optional Break-out Session
Conference attendees are invited to an interactive discussion of the best ways to convert conference news and information into an action plan for increasing whole grain consumption to at least 3 servings daily – “Getting Whole Grains to 3.”

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