With Whole Grains Around the World: An Oldways 4-Week Menu Plan you’ll get the basics about whole grains and more! With inspiration from cultures around the globe, we take you on a 28-day journey through the world of whole grains. Each of the four weeks in this menu plan is inspired by a different heritage diet: Mediterranean, African, Latin American, and Asian. Let heritage be your guide to health…and whole grains!

  • New to grains like amaranth, freekeh, and teff? Whole Grains Around the World contains a wealth of recipes to help you access your inner whole-grain guru.
  • More than just a cookbook, Whole Grains Around the World offers a full, dietitian-designed menu plan for each day, with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options.
  • Rather than focusing on one cuisine, Whole Grains Around the World offers a deep dive into four cultural diets known for their delicious and nutritious dishes.

Size: 5.5” x 8.5”, 114 pages. 71 recipes with nutritional information for each. Mediterranean Eggplant & Barley Salad, Maple Walnut Teff Porridge, Stuffed Poblanos, and more!

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