Lesson Plans for The Power of 3:
Get Healthy with Whole Grain Foods

This school-based curriculum available from the University of Minnesota Extension Service is designed to increase intake of whole grain foods by elementary school students in grades 3 to 6. This 3-component program includes

  • a five-lesson classroom curriculum supporting student learning and behavior change,

  • newsletters and events to encourage parents to make whole grain foods available at home

  • information for school foodservice personnel to increase the number of whole grain foods that are incorporated into school menus.

Click here to link directly to the Power of 3 curriculum.

Healthy Kids Whole Grain Toolkit

AICR (The American Institute of Cancer Research) has posted a toolkit to educate kids about whole grains and get them interested in switching more of their grains to whole grain.

Click here to link directly to this Toolkit.

Life Skills Bread Baking Program
from King Arthur Flour

Baking is a great hands-on way for kids to learn math, science, and cultural traditions, all while having fun. Through their free Life Skills Bread Baking Program, King Arthur Flour has taught more than 90,000 school children how to bake bread. In turn, they’ve shared this bread with local food pantries and senior centers.

How does the program work?
King Arthur Flour’s Life Skills Bread Baking Program is available to schools free of charge. We present one or more 50-minute assemblies for students — a fun combination of baking science, technique and bread-making know-how — and provide everything necessary for each student to make two loaves of bread at home: all-purpose and white whole wheat flour, yeast, a recipe booklet, and even bread bags and twist ties! Students keep one loaf to enjoy at home and bring the other back to school to donate to a community organization chosen by your school.

What does the school do?
    •    Enthusiastically supports and promotes the KAF Life Skills Bread Baking Program
    •    Coordinates the assembly arrangements and use of classroom training materials
    •    Notifies parents and the community about the Life Skills Bread Baking Program
    •    Selects students to assist the instructor before, during, and after the presentation
    •    Assists the instructor with set up and clean up
    •    Distributes ingredients and materials to students for bread baking at home
    •    Designates a local organization to receive the bread donations and coordinates bread delivery

How can I get more information?
The King Arthur Flour Life Skills Bread Baking Program is available during the school year to student populations of at least 200 in grades 4-7 in the Northeast and Midwest. To find out how to get your school involved, visit KingArthur’s website or contact Julie Christopher at 802-649-3881 or julie.christopher@kingarthurflour.com.