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Science, Policy and Markets Converge

Introduction: Stamping out the Whole Grains Gap
K. Dun Gifford, JD, President, Oldways Preservation Trust
Mike Orlando, Chairman, Whole Grains Council; Chairman, Sunnyland Mills

Keynote: Whole Grains and the 2005 Dietary Guidelines
Government recommends three servings WG per day
Dr. Eric Hentges, Executive Director, USDA Center for Nutrition Policy & Promotion
(presentation available)

Whole Grains and Health
Whole grains reduce diabetes, cancer, heart disease and obesity
Dr. Joanne Slavin, U. of Minnesota
(presentation available) © Joanne Slavin

Whole Grains and Enrichment/Fortification
The benefits of folate fortification: how are whole grains affected?
Dr. Pamela Keagy, Nutrition Consultant, USDA (ret.)
(presentation available) © Pamela Keagy

Cooking Demonstrations and Lunch
How today’s chefs use whole grains
Ana Sortun, Chef/Owner, Oleana Restaurant, Cambridge, MA
Jesse Cool, Chef/Owner, Flea St. Café, JZCool Eatery, Cool Café, CA
Steve Petusevsky, Chef/Author, The Whole Foods Market Cookbook

Fingers on the consumer pulse: what do surveys reveal?
Who’s eating whole grains? Who isn’t and why not?
Dr. Julie Miller Jones, College of St. Catherine
(presentation available) © Julie Miller Jones

What’s a whole grain food? What’s a serving?
Explanation of what foods “count” as whole grain servings.
Dr. Pauline Koh-Banerjee, U. of Tenn. Health Science Ctr.
(presentation available) © Pauline Koh-Banerjee

Finding whole grains for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks
Chair: Dr. Susan Crockett, Director, Bell Inst. of Health & Nutrition, General Mills
Cynthia Harriman, Manager of Partner Services, Oldways
Download presentation (516K PDF) © Cynthia Harriman
Dr. Kari Hecker, Corporate Nutritionist, Frito-Lay
Steve Petusevsky, Chef/Owner, Chef Steve’s

Conference Gala Dinner “Celebrating Whole Grains”


Whole grains yesterday, today and tomorrow

The vast galaxy of whole grains
Whole grains go far beyond whole wheat bread. A visual tour of grains in different societies and centuries.
K. Dun Gifford, JD, President, Oldways Preservation Trust

From whole grain to white flour and back again:
Milling practices from stone grist mills to steel roller mills

Ken Embers, Director of Admissions, American Institute of Baking
(presentation available) © Ken Embers

Whole Grains Taste Fest
Participants compare the taste & texture of eight different grains.

The return of whole grains to farms and fields
Farmers and millers explain how they’re reviving old grains & milling to order

Chair: Dr. Jeff Dahlberg, Research Director, National Grain Sorghum Producers
(presentation available) © Jeff Dahlberg
André Giles, President/CEO, Montana Flour and Grains
(presentation available) © André Giles
Kent Symns, President, Farmer Direct Foods
(presentation available) © Kent Symns

Cooking Demonstrations & Lunch “Whole Grains Heritage”
A selection of dishes from this morning’s historic tour, drawn from Asian, African, Mediterranean and Latin American cultures
Jesse Cool, Ana Sortun, Steve Petusevsky

Conforming to consumer tastes: “white” whole wheat
New wheat varieties and processes, for milder and softer products.
Elizabeth Arndt, PhD, R&D Manager, ConAgra Foods

Beyond wheat, corn and rice
Specialty grains add variety to new products.

Dennis Gilliam, VP Sales & Marketing, Bob’s Red Mill

Whole grains successes: Consumers surprise the experts
Case studies from pioneering consumer companies that are already selling whole grains to an enthusiastic public.
Dr. Kantha Shelke, Principal, Corvus Blue LLC
(presentation available) © Kantha Shelke

Brown rice takes on new life
New quicker brown rice, whole grain rice bread, and more
Dr. Elaine Champagne, Research Leader, USDA ARS
(presentation available)

Barley moves out of the soup pot
From tortillas to barley “chips” and “nuts”
Dr. Christine Fastnaught, Barley Foods Consulting
(presentation available)

Thinking outside the whole-grain bread box
Amaranth, quinoa, sorghum, indian rice grass and teff
Dr. Carol Fenster, Savory Palate, Inc
(presentation available) © Carol Fenster

“Whole Grains Dine Around” in Local Restaurants
Local Restaurants Feature Special Whole Grain Dishes


If You Make It, Will They Buy? Consumer behavior & motivation

Helping consumers make successful behavior changes
Tying key health messages to the six stages of change
Dr. James Prochaska, author, “Changing for Good”
(presentation available) © James Prochaska

Changing habits, one person at a time
A practicing RD shares her experience with motivating dietary change
Roberta Anding, RD, Baylor College of Medicine

Making Sense of Nutrition News & Health Claims
Survey data from grocery shoppers show whole grains are sought
Ed Slaughter, Corporate Director, Advertising & Trends Research, Rodale Inc.
(presentation available) © Ed Slaughter

Cooking Demonstrations and Lunch
Whole grains at home, in minutes
Ana Sortun, Steve Petusevsky
Lorna Sass, Author “Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure”


A wrap-up of key points from conference sessions

Scientific Committee Report
Summary of the health benefits of whole grains, in consumer-accessible form, from the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Whole Grains Council
hair: Dr. Len Marquart, U. of Minnesota
(presentation available) © Len Marquart

Technology Committee Report
Summary of new whole grain farming, milling, and processing breakthroughs that will change what’s available in supermarket aisles and restaurants.

Taste & Preference Committee Report
Tip sheet for consumers on buying and preparing whole grains, along with a collection of recipes from the conference.
Chair: Sara Baer-Sinnott, Executive VP, Oldways Preservation Trust

Resources from the Whole Grains Council
Introduction of the Whole Grain Stamp, a milestone in helping consumers identify whole grain products. Review of other resources and programs available through the Whole Grains Council.
Mike Orlando, Chairman of the Whole Grains Council
K. Dun Gifford, JD, President, Oldways Preservation Trust
Cynthia Harriman, Manager of Partner Services, Oldways Preservation Trust

Conference Concludes