We want WGC Members’ support services for foodservice to be more widely known, to increase availability and consumption of whole grain choices in restaurants, cafeterias, and food outlets everywhere. That’s why we created our WGC Foodservice Directory and made our Basic Listing free to all WGC members in good standing. Fill out the form below to join our listing.

Here’s what a sample listing might look like:

Company Name: Awesome Whole Grain Company
Website URL: www.website.com
Foodservice contact name: Jane Doe
Foodservice contact email: janedoe@email.com
Foodservice contact phone: 555-555-5555

Foodservice products we offer (whole grain products only) (150 words)
organic & conventional whole grain flours (whole wheat, whole spelt, whole rye), & certified gluten free whole grain flours (oat, millet, teff, and quinoa)

Foodservice support services we offer (150 words)
We help with custom product formulation & recipe development using our whole grain flours. Previous projects have included whole grain pizza crust formulation and whole grain buns and rolls. We’ve worked with more than 100 of the nation’s leading restaurants.

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