I am interested in obtaining a roll of your Just Ask stickers for our Healthy Athletes program that we are conducting at our Summer Games here in Arkansas for the Special Olympics. In this program their are five disciplines covered — Healthy Hearing, Special Smiles, Opening Eyes, FUNfitness & Health Promotion. This would be used in our Health Promotion area which teaches the athletes the importance of nutrition, exercise, sun safety, smoking cessation among other aspects of a healthy lifestyle. In our nutrition area I want to really highlight the importance of whole grains this year.
Kimberly S., Jonesboro, AR

I am a pediatric nurse and kids’ fitness instructor. Every summer I teach nutrition at Camp Sweet Freedom, a daycamp for children who use insulin, and Camp Strongheart, a camp for overweight children. During these camps, I not only teach nutrition but also cook for up to 30 people daily, teach the children cooking lessons and challenge them to try new foods.I would like to give out “just ask ” buttons as part of my lesson on whole grains. My local grocery store, Harris Teeter, has been helpful in donating whole grains for tasting, including quinoa, oats, bulgar wheat, barley, brown rice and millet. Whole grains is always my first lesson!. Thank you for great resources! [Picture Above]
Susan P., Kannapolis, NC

I was surfing the internet and came upon your site. You have great info on grains! I am a public health nutritionist who teaches nutrition at low income schools. I will teach a lesson on grains in September and need materials for my class.
D. A., Limestone County (AL) Health Dept.

I teach the CHIP (Coronary Health Improvement Project) class at Illinois Central College and also am teaching several nutrition classes for junior high students this summer. I have lectures on whole grains/fiber and talk about the whole grain stamp and feel these pins would be a great addition! Would it be possible to request about 150 pins?
Amy F., CHIP Clinical Manager, Peoria, IL

Just wondered if I could get about 50 of the “just ask” buttons to pass out to family day care providers at trainings. I’ve been doing a whole grains challenge training for a few years and it is working…providers are trying whole grains with the kids in care! Thanks.
Angela Y., ChildCareGroup, Dallas TX

I am a Senior Health Educator and the Healthy Lifestyles Coordinator for the Charlotte County Health Department in Punta Gorda, FL. I also serve as the Healthy Communities, Healthy People/ Step Up, Florida Coordinator and the Women’s Health Liaison. As a part of our Step Up, Florida kickoff, we will be going to a few of our local supermarkets and promoting whole grain foods. It would be extremely pleasing to pass out these buttons to our community residents as they stop by our tables at any events that we plan for later months. I was researching whole grains, and trying to find a catch phrase for the posters that I am creating, when I came across your site. This is a cool concept and site. The buttons would be a nice treat for promoting whole grains.
K. W., Punta Gorda, FL

I am the Coordinator for [a Senior Center] in Charles County, Maryland. It is a small center in a small community with limited resources. I am interested in promoting Whole Grains Month in September. Would you be able to provide some promotional materials for me to distribute, such as buttons?
Ann S., Charles County, MD

We are teaching two different nutrition camps this summer for our schools (K-5) in Lake Havasu, Arizona, and we are doing a huge lesson on grains and how important it is to eat your whole grain. We would love some buttons!!! Would it be possible to get about 500 buttons? We will have our students wear the buttons and this will go great with our lessons! Thank you in advance and we are so excited!!!
Dana R. and Sherry K., Lake Havasu, AZ

I am the Cardiac Outreach Coordinator for [a hospital] in Patchogue, NY. I educate the community in regards to cardiac health, providing primary education and will soon be doing cardiac risk screenings. I give presentations to the community about Heart Healthy topics including risk factors. Healthy food choices are a bit part of my presentations and education to the community. This July 19, we are having our Hospital and Community Family Fun Day. On that day, our particular Cardiac Outreach department will be providing blood pressure screenings, body fat analysis, waist measurement and Framingham cardiac risk assessments. We will be seeing close to 1000 people in the community at our event!
Beth M., East Patchogue, NY

We are working more and more whole grain foods into our daily cafeteria menu [at our company]. One recent example is we have switched to a whole grain pizza dough for our entire pizza program. We serve 95 % of our sandwiches on whole grain buns, breads etc. This is a new initiative for us and I would like our staff to wear the buttons to help promote it.
Lynne B., Company Foodservices Mgr., Wilkes-Barre, PA

We are including whole grains on our school meals but could use any promo material you offer to encourage our 3000 students to ask for whole grains
Heidi B., School foodservice director, Oakdale CT

We are implementing a grant [with] two facets. The first is the prevention of obesity with pre-school children and their parents, and that is where we are doing our presentation on Saturday for Head Start. The second is intervention, and we are teaching 3 nine-week sessions of KidShape, a national program for healthy lifestyles for children 10-13 and their families at a park district field house in our area. I think the whole grain message fits in perfectly with the nutrition messages we are sharing with our families, and I am especially grateful for the Spanish-language handouts your website provides for our use. I look forward to additional events promoting whole grains, and wish you continued success in your work.
Elizabeth R., MPH, RD, Chicaco, IL

Omaha Public Schools Nutrition Services will be targeting whole grains next school year with our students. We plan on sending out newsletters, posters, fun games, decorations, etc. Is it possible for us to get some of the buttons — for our students or if that is too many, for our staff? We have around 400 staff members. Convincing our students to take whole grain products is one of our most challenging tasks. Each year it gets a little better…but we are impatient and that is why we are making it our year’s campaign. Every year we focus on a theme and use it every month in all of our newsletters, etc. It seems to make a difference to our parents and customers.
Tammy Y., nutrition services, Omaha (NE) Public Schools

I work with low-income families, individuals and schools in Michigan’s Luce County. It is my job to provide nutrition education to this group of people. I do that through health fairs, one-on-one home visits, in-school programming, community programs, after school programs and more. I have found it difficult to get people excited about whole grains and I love being able to give things like buttons, magnets, stickers, etc. I would like to receive 50 to 100 buttons if that is possible to distribute to the families and individuals I will come in contact with this summer.
Jessica P., Luce County MSU Extension Office, MI

I’m the district nurse for Mt Morris School District. We’re having our Annual Family Fitness/Nutrition Night on May 1st, a very large community event. I would love to have your buttons to give away to increase the knowledge of whole grains.
Nila C., LPN, Mt. Morris (MI) School District

I would like to set up a “Just Ask For Whole Grains” display in our Navy Hospital. I will also distribute them to participants in our weight management and diabetes classes. I have approximately 35 new patients each month in those classes.
Janet M., RN, MS, Naval Hospital, Bremerton WA

I would like to request about 150-200 buttons for Health Iowa, the health education branch of the University of Iowa Student Health Service. We would like some buttons for an outreach program we are doing with this next school year’s Resident Advisors in the dorms. The program covers every aspect of health including nutrition and overall healthy behaviors and lifestyle choices.
Stephanie P., Univ. of Iowa Student Health Services

I would like to request 200 buttons for an upcoming community event for families and their children, planned for the Week of The Young Child. This Fun Fest is generally attended by between 300-400 children. Area agencies each provide an activity and information that will benefit health, development and safety of children. I like to focus on nutrition and build an activity around that and related information for the parents. I will also be teaching a Whole Grains Snack Training for childcare providers in our area and would like to give each participant a button. I really appreciated the wonderful information I found on your site to use as information handouts. I will be giving this training for our county and six others.
Elaine R., Healthy Start, Hays, KS

I love your site. I found it in a Time magazine special advertising section. I teach 5th and 6th grade Health in a suburb of Chicago. The fifth grade curriculum revolves around nutrition. Eating whole grain food is a goal I have for my students. We spend about a week or more studying carbohydrates and much of that time is spent studying grain. In fact, tomorrow is “Bread Day”. In culmination of all the work the students have done they will get to sample whole wheat bread and watch a video entitled “Breadtime Tales.” The school year is almost over but next year I will have another 250 students to teach. I would love to receive anything that you can send me that would promote the consumption of whole grain products.
Cheryl Z., Millennium School, Homewood IL

I just found this fabulous website and love the “Just Ask” campaign! I am currently in school pursuing a second degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and hope to earn my RD designation in the next couple of years. I have to implement an education intervention for a group of women for a class. My topic: Whole Grains of course!
Mary Ann C., Avon CT

I have been traveling to numerous parts of Louisiana giving a presentation entitled ‘Healthy Managers Make Better Choices’. In my Powerpoint presentation, I educate my audiences about whole grains and the whole grain stamp. I would love to be able to give out “Just Ask” buttons.
Maxine M., Thibodaux, LA

I am working with the UW-Health Hospital and Clinics Food Service Department to educate the employees and the public about the tremendous benefits whole grain foods can offer. I would love if the staff could start wearing the buttons to promote the program.
Amy M., Madison, WI

I am working with the city of Louisville through the National Center for Hospitality Studies at my university, on developing healthy menu options that we will highlight on the menus. It is a part of our mayor’s health initiatives for the city of Louisville. I was interested in incorporating some of your buttons in the program as well as any literature you could send me for use with the restaurants. Thanks so much.
Cynthia K., RD, Louisville, KY

I am working for a non-profit organization. We do wellness exams on our employees on a regular basis. As we continue to work on improving food choices, this would be an excellent teaching tool. I am also participating in a “Take a Child to work” program and would like to add your “Just Ask” button to the handouts.
Mary O., RN, Racine, WI

I am the coordinator for our hospital’s annual Health Fair. This is our 21st annual event and we usually average 400 participants, and have at least 50 health oriented booths. The theme this year is “Get up, get fit, get healthy.”
Cathy H., Nemaha Valley Community Hospital, Seneca, KS

I am the sole Dietitian on a Naval Base in Sicily. We are planning a weight loss challenge and commissary (our supermarket) tour, both promoting whole grain foods. It would be great to be able to pass out some buttons for these events.
LCDR Jim M., RD, Naval Air Station Sigonella, Sicily

I am the Child Nutrition Services Director for a small school district in rural Alaska. I would love to be able to hand out “Just Ask” buttons. I am involved in all of our school nutrition programs with 365 students in seven schools. I also am involved with the health fairs in our areas. Please send me some “Just Ask” buttons to hand out at these events.
Ann P., Tok, AK

I am an RD working with the geriatric population and would love to promote (increase) whole grain choices within my food service management company. We recently have implemented Basic Nutrition presentations for our management staff, and these are the persons we really need to reach as they are able to make menu changes that would include more whole grains. The older residents already know the importance of whole grains, they just don’t always have the menu selections for increasing their whole grains. I would love to provide pins during the presentations for correct answers to the “whole grains” component of our presentations.
Michelle D., RD, Orefield, PA

I am a student at the University of Kentucky. My GEN 100 — Issues in Agriculture class has been divided into groups which are to give persuasive presentations on current agricultural issues. My group is speaking on the food pyramid and my part of the presentation in on grains. I would like to convince my 34 class members to eat more whole grains, and I would like to give each one a Just Ask! button. I have printed off enough “Official Whole Grains Report Cards” from your website to give one to each person. Your website is wonderful! I’m trying to learn to cook with whole grains, and just recently bought a bread cookbook. Keep up the good work!
Phyllis M., Paris, KY

I am a RN and the Public Health Educator for the Marine Corps Health and Fitness Program serving the two Marine Corps Bases here in South Carolina. My program, Semper Fit, focuses on Health Education and Physical Fitness services primarily. Exercise and Nutrition are just two of our program elements that mirror Healthy People 2010 objectives. We educate Marines, Sailors and their families and nutrition is a very popular interest. We serve several thousands of military personnel in their efforts to maintain military readiness. I would appreciate any amount of whole grain buttons you could send. Each year we conduct a health fair. I would use them as incentives for our Nutrition booth once an interested individual participates in a nutrition screening and receives education. I appreciate all you do and your support of promoting good health in our nation.
Crystal D., RN, Beaufort, SC

I am a natural childbirth educator and would love to get some of your buttons to hand out to my students. I work a lot with them on improving their nutrition for their baby and this would be a great thing to help remind them!
Martha P., Geneva, IL

I am a Health Educator/Registered Dietitian for Harrah’s employees in Las Vegas. I will be doing an information table at different hotel properties promoting whole grains and would like to provide some sort of incentive for the employees to walk away with. Usually our booths are visited by about 100 people each set up, and will service 5 different properties, so around 500 people. Whatever buttons or other promotional items you could spare would be much appreciated. Thank you for offering such programs/incentives and you should know you do make a difference.
Jennifer T., RD, Las Vegas, NV

We teach 4th graders. Our classes are studying Nutrition and how to use the new food guide pyramid. In the classroom we’ve been talking about what are whole grains and what are processed grains. We’ve examined the ingredient panels on food labels and packages. And have taste tested foods made from a variety of whole grain. Would it be possible to get 60 of your JUST ASK buttons for our students?
Dori T. and Doug S., Spirit Lake, IA