Whole grains have become the default, rather than the exception, in a surprising number of cases. The Whole Grains Council’s January 31-February 2, 2011 conference, in Portland, Oregon, celebrated the many foodservice operations, magazines, schools, government policies, and other circumstances where whole grains are now served, depicted, and hailed, automatically, as the norm.

The psychology of social norms says we get more of whatever we focus on. If we lament that “90 percent of people don’t eat enough whole grains,” for instance, most people will tune out and say, “Oh, then I’m fine – I’m just like everyone else.” That’s why our conference took the opposite approach, by shining a spotlight on the astonishing sea-change that’s taken place in bringing whole grains to the mainstream, from Boston to Beijing to Buenos Aires.

Tour Highlights of the New Norm Conference

You can take a virtual tour of conference highlights below:

1. Full Program of Speakers and Sessions (including downloadable presentations)

2. Reference Materials from the Conference Binder
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Speakers’ Bios and Abstracts (Section 2, 18 pages, 156K PDF)

Whole Grains: The New Norm (Section 3, 8 pages, 2.5M PDF)
• Images showing whole grains as the norm
• Quotes showing whole grains as the norm

Crafting Effective Health Messages (Section 4, 14 pages, 172K PDF)
• The Pyschology of Social Norms
• What’s New in Whole Grain Health Research
— Clinical research augments epidemiological research
— Research explores mechanisms for health benefits
— Grain-specific research broadens our understanding

Whole Grains in Foodservice (Section 5, 12 pages, 168K PDF)
• Eating Away From Home: steady increases since 1869
• Whole Grains Trend Upward in Foodservice
— New NPD and Mintel Data
— Whole grains rate highly in restaurant trends

Whole Grains Worldwide (Section 6, 12 pages, 1.2M PDF)
• Dietary Guidelines Worldwide
• Whole Grain Definitions Worldwide
— Definitions of whole grain ingredients
— What qualifies as a whole grain serving?
— What qualifies as a whole grain food?
• The Whole Grain Stamp, an international standard
• Whole Grain Forum in China April 20-22, 2011

Oldways and the Whole Grains Council (Section 7, 13 pages, 1.3M PDF)
• All About Oldways
• The Whole Grains Council
• Creative, Effective WGC Programs Excite Interest in Whole Grains
• All About the Whole Grain Stamp

3. Our blogs about happenings at the conference

Conference highlights
Grupo Bimbo’s Global Award

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Thanks to our Conference Sponsors

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