The campaign to increase consumption of whole grains for health is a worldwide movement. The Whole Grains Council works closely with affiliates in other countries, including the following organizations.


The Danish Wholegrain Campaign

Denmark has a very active organization promoting whole grains. In 2009, when the campaign started, only 6% of Danes were eating the 75g of whole grains per day recommended for most adults by Danish health authorities. Through creative consumer education programs and active support of manufacturers who are making whole grain products, the Danish Wholegrain Campaign is already making great progress in its mission to “increase the accessibility of wholegrain products and increase awareness of the beneficial effects of wholegrain.”

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HealthGrain Forum

HEALTHGRAIN Forum is a Europe-wide association founded in May 2010 as a follow-up organization of the EU 6th Framework HEALTHGRAIN Project.  HEALTHGRAIN Forum’s mission is to promote science-based concepts that unlock the health-promoting potential in the entire grain-production food chain to obtain healthy, convenient and appealing foods.

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The Center for Public Nutrition and Development of the National Development and Reform Commission of China

The PNDC is a Chinese government institution which belongs to the Academy of Microeconomic Research of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). PNDC’’s mandates are (i) to increase the knowledge of relations between public nutrition and social-economic development through research; (ii) to raise nutrition awareness among government officials and the general public through communication and social marketing; (iii) to push for nutrition intervention programs through policy advocacy and coordination; (iv) to bridge nutrition industry and government through consultancy and dialogue; (v) to corporate with global nutrition communities for a better nourished world.


Wholegrain Goodness / HGCA

Wholegrain Goodness is an independent campaign launched by HGCA in 2004 which aims to raise awareness in the U.K. of the health benefits and versatility of wholegrains.  The campaign’s website features recipes and images together with nutritional information.  A quarterly e-newsletter features updates on the latest industry developments and health news regarding wholegrains.  To sign up for the newsletter please email The Wholegrain Goodness campaign demonstrates how easy it is to incorporate wholegrain into everyday life as part of a healthy balanced diet. 

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The Healthy grains institute

Launched in November 2012, the Healthy Grains Institute’s mission is to inform and enhance Canadians’ knowledge and understanding of the health benefits of grains. The Healthy Grains Institute is guided by an independent and multidisciplinary Scientific Advisory Council consisting of recognized plant science and nutritional experts from across North America. The Healthy Grains Institute is committed to providing Canadians with science-based information on the benefits of grains as an important part of a healthy, balanced diet. 

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