Although not a literal invasion, whole grains maintained a strong and unmistakable presence at this year’s All Things Organic / Fancy Food Spring show in Chicago. For three days, thousands of people were introduced to delicious whole grain breads, snacks, treats, pastas, and the honest to goodness “real deal” whole grains themselves as 20 Member companies of the WGC set up shop in the city’s expo center.

In addition to at our Members’ booths, we found whole grains at other exhibitor booths promoting products for Moms and Dads, babies, and — you guessed it — man’s best friend, the family dog. Yours truly did NOT enjoy samples of whole grain dog treats, but I confess to pausing often for a variety of other goodies while I wandered. Food shows are tough work, and nothing gets you through a day of non-stop walking quite like the sustained energy of whole grain goodness! (Kara — May 1, 2008)

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