We at the WGC take pride in many beliefs, but one that stands out to me today is this — Everyone, everywhere, should have access to healthy whole grains. They are a nutritious and delicious food option that belong to ALL people regardless of economic circumstances. Starting with Whole Grains Month in September, the WGC and its Members will embark on a two-month drive to bring whole grains to those in need. And because our Members agree that whole grains belong in as many soup kitchens, cafeterias, and shelters as possible, we’re already receiving pledges.

As of today, we know our Members will donate over three tons (yes, THREE TONS) of whole grains in September and October! We’ll be totaling these donations on our Whole Grains Giveaway page, so check in regularly to keep track of our progress. We know our Members’ generosity will make this gift of grains one for the records! (Kara — June 2, 2008)

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