With the introduction of Multi Wholegrain Bread in Morrisons supermarkets across Britain last week, the Whole Grain Stamp is now being used for the first time outside of North America.

The sign posted with the bread in Morrisons stores says “The goodness of this bread comes from its mix of four different whole grains, maize, wheat flakes, rye flakes and oats. Just two slices of this bread will give you more than the recommended daily wholegrain intake.* *The whole grains council recommends we eat 48g of whole grain daily…”

UK launch of the whole grain stamp


Three UK manufacturers have immediately signed on to the Stamp program: British Bakels, EDME, and La Brea Bakery. These three companies each operate on a different rung of the food ladder: EDME closest to the farm, with ingredients; Bakels one step up with value-added mixes; and La Brea, yet another step closer to the consumer with par-baked breads. We enjoyed meeting company representatives from British Bakels and from EDME while in the UK for the Stamp launch; La Brea is of course a long-time U.S. member of the Whole Grains Council, so we’re already familiar with their wonderful crusty products. (Cindy – June 18, 2008)

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