Move over brown rice ice cream (below), and make way for buckwheat fudgesicles. My 4 year old granddaughter, Anna, has extensive eczema linked to food sensitivities, so finding healthy foods she enjoys can be a challenge. Lately Anna’s been devouring a cream of buckwheat porridge from Whole Foods, which she especially enjoys when it’s made with chocolate flavor almond milk and a small amount of cinnamon.

One morning over the 4th of July weekend we ended up with a few cups of extra porridge, so Anna’s mom added the rest of the chocolate almond milk, poured the results into popsicle molds, and stuck them in the freezer. “Frankly, they weren’t chocolately enough,” said my daughter Elizabeth. “If I did it again I might add some cocoa powder and maple syrup. Or maybe melt some chocolate chips into it.”

Anna and I think her mom is too hard on herself, and she ought to quit while she’s ahead. Here’s a photo of Anna starting in on her third cream of barley fudgesicle of the weekend. When it got so melty the last few bites fell off the stick, she was pretty sad. Email us with your kids’ favorite whole grain treat. Include a photo and we’ll share other parents’ great inventions here! (Cindy – July 7, 2008)

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