Who’d have thunk it? Since I spend most of every day in the world of whole grains, I tend to think I’ve seen it all. Not so.

I never would have imagined that anyone is making a whole grain shampoo, but in my hotel this weekend, I have been enjoying little tubes of Quinoa Shampoo (“A grain indigenous to the South American Andes region. Has a high content of amino acids and saponins, which can clean and strengthen hair.”), Amaranth Conditioner (“Ancient seed cultivated by Aztecs for its supernatural powers. Seeds are packed with proteins and amino acids to help add luster and shine to hair.”), and Barley Body Wash (“Hardy cereal used for malting beverages and beer and milk shakes. Barley oil is soothing and leaves skin smooth and soft.”)

I checked out the maker, Davies Gate, online, and was disappointed to learn that the Marriott Courtyard neglected to supply me with the Whole Wheat Lotion or the Buckwheat Buffing Soap. Still, as I walk down the streets of Philadelphia I can feel heads turn as folks say to themselves, “Wow, there goes the gal with the whole grain hair.” (Cindy – July 20, 2008)

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